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Turn Around

You answer your phone and a voice whispers, "Turn around..." What happens?

Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:24

It was morning, still very dark and foggy. When I heard the phone rang, I answerd It I couldn't hear anything but what sounded like white noises and a fan, just before I was about to hang the phone up I heard a cracky breath and then a voice that followed saying "turn around" almsot as if it was a demand. Every sound stopped but the sound I couldn't block out was silence I realesed the phone from my ear, feeling steam on my neck I turned and in the window was a silhoutte in fogged up window. I dropped the phone, the figure had a phone up to it's ear, It's mouth started moving so I picked my phone back off the ground. "Hello" I ask. I wasnt suprised when a voice answerd back, "why did you drop the phone?" and thats when I relized the figure wasnt in the window anymore, he was behind me.

Magic Dog

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:24

One day I was on my phone, just then someone called me, and I had no idea who that person was,  all they said turn around.   I dont know why they told me to turn around but I did.   There was a cute little puppy and then the person on the phone said "do you want this puppy for a pet?" So I brought the puppy home and then I put the puppy on the ground the puppy sprouted wings and started flying around the room.   After awhile I caught the flying dog with a big net,  then I left the dog in the net, hoping I could redial the person who called me to say turn around so that I could give the dog back.   But when I checked on my phone her number had disappeared.   While trying to call her the dog turned invisible !   and then the owner of the dog came and took the dog back.   Then I woke up and saw that  it was all a dream but then I noticed that the room the puppy was in was all a mess........

I Got A Call From An Unknown Number

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:22

It was a normal day in east high when I got a call from an unknown number. I just ignored it. Wait what if that was lisa I thought to myself. I looked up at the clock on the wall only to see that it was time to go to ELA so I started down the hallway to my class and someone was standing at the other end of the hall with a black sweatshirt and tattered jeans. “Hey, what are you doing down there?¨ ¨Turn around¨ he yelled back just in time to see a bullet hit my chest. I stayed alive just until I heard him say ¨told you so.¨

Turn around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:20

It was morning, still very dark and foggy. When I heard the phone rang, I answerd It I couldn't hear anything but what sounded like white noises and a fan, just before I was about to hang the phone up I heard a cracky breath and then a voice that followed saying "turn around" almsot as if it was a demand. Every sound stopped but the sound I couldn't block out was silence I realesed the phone from my ear, feeling steam on my neck I turned and in the window was a silhoutte in fogged up window. I dropped the phone, the figure had a phone up to it's ear, It's mouth started moving so I picked my phone back off the ground. "Hello" I ask. I wasnt suprised when a voice answerd back, "why did you drop the phone?" and thats when I relized the figure wasnt in the window anymore, he was behind me.

turn around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:17

i just got out of bed and then all of a sudden my phone starts going crazy so i check ita and then this voice just says turn around so I do then I see nothing but my phone kepps getting the same call saying turn around then when i turn again i see nothing again then I start to here these voices in my head some say turn around some say I found you so i gfo nuts all these voices and my phone still going nuts i check all around the house then i start to see a bright light then the world is gone and i just see a mushroom cloud and something coming right to me

Mystery Caller

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:12

I remember the day I almost died like it happens everyday. I was on my phone talking to my best friend Jenny and we were talking about when we were going to go to the mall, then I was getting another call from someone. I hung up the phone with Jenny and answered the other caller. Then I said “Hello? Who is this?” all I heard back was breathing. Then I heard a scratchy voice say “Turn around.” I didn’t know what was going on but then I was getting nervous and I said “What? Who is this? I’m not joking tell me who you are!” Once again all I heard was

“Turn around.” So for some reason, probably because I wasn’t thinking I turned around. I turned very slowly, then the one thing I saw was someone in a black ski mask. I think it was a man because they had a manish body and had a manly voice. After he told me to come with him or else. I looked down and saw that he was holding a handgun in his hand and I started to shake like someone was tazing me. So I went with him and he took me to his car. We drove for a little bit, but then all of a sudden I just started going crazy and I started to kick and punch him and grab his hand that way he couldn't’ shoot me, then I broke the window of his car and dove out of there and started to run. I ran until I got to the police and I told them what happend. Then later that night my phone rang again…. but instead of a mystery man it was my friend Jenny, so we just talked about when we were going to go to the mall again and just forget about the whole day.


Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:11

I answer my phone, a strange voice that sounded like it echoed behind me. He says to ‘turn around’. I turn around as fast as I can, so scared that I am shaking to a point that I might start a tornado. I see this tall dark figure in the corner of my room. Walk slowly towards it and every step I take the floor rattles beneath me. The dark figure jumps out of the corner.

    ‘Would you like to buy some twinkies’. They are covered in sprinkles and showered with frosting and he says ‘they are the newest and best twinkies ever’. I say ‘I would like to buy every single one’. Later that night I stuff myself to the point of explosion and DIE.


I Got A Call From An Unknown Number

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:09

It was a normal day in east high when I got a call from an unknown number. I just ignored it. Wait what if that was lisa I thought to myself. I looked up at the clock on the wall only to see that it was time to go to ELA so I started down the hallway to my class and someone was standing at the other end of the hall with a black sweatshirt and tattered jeans. “Hey, what are you doing down there?¨ ¨Turn around¨ he yelled back just in time to see a bullet hit my chest. I stayed alive just until I heard him say ¨told you so.¨

Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:01

‘’Bzzzzz, bzzzzz’’, my phone rang. The sound of the phone woke me up. I went over to the phone and picked it up. There was no name attached to the call. I thought for a minute, and then answered it. ‘’Hello, who is this?’’, I asked into the phone. There was breathing, and then I heard the person talking. ‘’Turn around, now’’, the mystery man said in a deep, low, gravelly voice. I didn’t dare to do it. ‘’Um, yeah no’’. I hung up the phone, but I didn’t turn around. I didn’t know what was going to happen. The phone rang again. ‘’No, I’m not going to turn around. Who do you think I am, Drew Barrymore in Scream. No thank you’’, I said with anger. I hung up again, and put down the phone. Now I didn’t know what to do. Should I turn around, no. I’m too scared. I can’t just keep staring at this wall. Then I had an idea. I closed my eyes, walked to the right without turning, walked backwards, and out the door. I never came back, even though the cake was still there on the table. Waiting for me, with the bomb still in it.


The time I crapped my pants

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:40

I got on my new phone and I turned around and I saw my mother on the ground holding her chest so I call for my dad and he said, “I don’t know what’s going on.” So we bring her to the hospital she was tired so she fell asleep and I was scared that she would never wake up. So when the doctor came in I asked him if she was going to be okay and he said, “maybe.” She said “i’m going to be okay son so go to sleep.” So I went to sleep and when I woke up I was away from my mom and she was, somewhere else and when I got up and she was out the door waiting for me. That is when I actually crapped my pants.

Who is on the phone

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:35


One morning I woke up to the phone ringing, I got up put my slippers on and headed down the stairs. When I get to the phone, I pick it up but, there was no one on the other end. I thought to myself must just be a prank call or they called the wrong number. So I go back up the stairs trying not to fall over my car because i'm so tired, I open my bedroom door and right when im getting ready to change for school the phone rings. I run back down the stairs once again trying not to fall over my cat, I pick up the phone and once again silence. I walk up the stairs again this time stomping my feet I get to my room get ready for school and head downstairs to get something to eat, So I decided to have some eggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast, I made my food and right when I go to sit down the phone rings, I get up to answer the phone and guess what know one was there, I go back to sit and I look at my plate and half of my food is gone. I look around to to find my cat to see if he ate it but, when I find him he is fast asleep on the stairs were he had been all morning. I grab my backpack and my keys and right as I'm walking out the door the phone rings I Sprint to the phone, I pick it up and this time someone is on the other end but what the person said next made me want to jump out of my own skin they said "turn around". I listen and I turn around and when I do the person I see standing in front of me is my dad back from one of his long work trips, I jump into his arms so happy to see him but after i'm done hugging him I yell at him for scaring me. I later asked my dad why he called so many times and his repose to that question was something I wasn't expecting, he said what are you talking about I only called you once, then that is when I started to freak out, the next thing I know I wake up scared and shocked that this whole thing was a dream, it felt so real.


The Blood Monsters

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:28

I walk up to my house and hear the house phone ringing. I walk up to it and pick it up when the person on the other end whispered "Turn around". I turn around and looked out the window and there on the ground was a grown woman dead with blood rushing down the water drains. I yelled to the phone "Who is calling". Then it whispered "T-B-M". Then hanged up. I wrote it down and called the police. They picked up the phone but then I heard screams and shouts.






Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:26

today has been the best day of my life, but it has also been the most odd. I started off my day getting groceries for my mom and I got her favorite food which is lobster but I also got cake for desert. that afternon I was eating the cake and heard a werid buzzing like a cell phone sound. It was coming from the CAKE! I was very very worried that someone has lost there phone in my cake but it was a  shocking suprise the telephone kept saying turn around. SO I did and there standing was the president of the united states he said "You Mr. Nobody have won the most invisable person award  which is being the most invisabel personal you could be not be popular just to be Yourself in you own home". No one knew I egisted other than my mom and my dad who died two years ago in the military. I asked the president one thing  that he could do for me and that was let me Have my dad back. Mr.Presiden said he never even died he was working to keep the USA the safest place in the world. I am the type of person to always forget stuff I was asking him a question how he knew I would pick the cake and I almost forgot to finish eating it! At that moment the whole entire enternet crashed and the reason the president was here was that he needed me of all people to help him get the internet back. Then my dad walked in the front door and i was mad but happy at the same time that has to be the most kind thing anyone has done for me. 




THis is a mix between every prompt.

Bright Eyes

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:25

I came home from school one day and sat on my couch and ate chicken fingers. I was about to turn on my tv when my phone rang. My phone had said the call was a ¨No Caller ID¨ I thought to myself, ¨maybe its just one of my friends prank calling me¨ so I answered. I expected someone with a silly voice to answer and ask me if I left my furry underwear somewhere, but it wasnt. In fact it was a man. Or at least it sounded like one. He said, ¨turn around.¨ I hung up immedently and thought about calling my mom. This whole thing reminded me of the movie ¨Scream¨ where all those kids end up dying. I continued to watching Riverdale when he called AGAIN! I answered yelling, ¨WHAT"and he in return yelled, ¨TURN AROUND¨ I hung up and thought about what would happen if I actually DID turn around. I wasnt really about to be like those people in the movies so I didnt. But then he called AGAIN! I answered fourioslly, ¨WHAT DO YOU WANT¨ and then from my kitchen The song ¨Total Eclipse of the heart¨ started playing and I was SHOOK. I stood up steadily and walked slowly over to the kitchen. Then out of no where 3 of my friends popped up from behind my counter and started singing, ¨TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES. EVERY NOW AND THEN I FALL APART.¨ I couldnt believe it they were behind this. ¨I for real thought that someone was going to come and kidnap me¨ I told them. And then we all jammed out to the rest of the song like nobody was watching. 

The ¨Unknown¨ caller

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:25

My bus stops for me to get off,  I am releived I don´t have to listen to the sound of kids anymore. The bus rolls away and my hands starts vibrating. I put the phone to my ear and answer it. What I heard made me want to get back on the screaming bus. ¨Turn around.¨I hear through my phone and in a distance.  I hesitated a litte before turnng around to see what was waiting behind me. Was it just some annyoing kid prank calling me? It sounded more deep then a high pitched noise of a brat. I was just probably hearing sounds. But what if someone was behind me? Wanting to kill me or kidnap me.  Should I run away now or turn around to see if someone is actaully there? i think about all the possible explanations of what could be behind me until I turn around. Nothing. Nothing was there. I sigh in releif that it was just a noise I heard. I turn back around and yelp. Somone was right infront of me. A man, with brown hair and blue eyes. Kind of hairy, but very tall. My eyes were definatly seeing things because the man started laughing. My heart was pounding, and I didn´t know what was going on. I got back into my life and what i saw wasn´t a man ar all. It was my brother who was there. He was the mysterious voice that I heard through my phone. He was the one who had tricked me into thinking it was a killer or kidnapper. My heartbeat went back to normal, and I gave a small hit to my brothers arm. As we walked down the driveway my brother´s phones starts to ring, I heard what this unknown caller said to my brother. We both looked at eachither and didn not hesitate. We ran to the house as fast as we could. 

IT the remix

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:22

You answer your phone and a voice whispers, "Turn around…” a large cake is there then the top and a red balloon floats out. The next day your going to school and drop your scooter and it floats to the sewer. And you, jerry tries to grab and a creepy clown gives you your scooter saying”here you little boy he he he”. Then suddenly when your walking away the clown says”what’s your name mines Brenda”. You say”Jjjjjeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyy” you go back the sewer and Brenda suddenly grabs your dragging into sewer it. Jabs his gross teeth into your arm all while your screaming. You feel your bones crumbling your veins splitting spraying blood absolutely everywhere. After Brenda finishes ripping your arm off blood gushing out mixing into the sewer water making it a deep brown. After that day Jerry Garcia was never seen again… until now. People said the town was haunted like my grandpa joe he grew up here said kids went missing. I was walking on the sidewalk when a lady fell out window 8 story’s high when she hit the ground blood gushed everywhere spraying over me...


Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:21

One night I was just about to fall asleep then my dad yelled to me. He said that he was riding the bus home alone cause his sister was going to a friends house. So he had a nice normal day at school till art class the teacher said draw whatever you want to at the end of class everyone had drawn a group of clowns hiding on roofs in front of windows but he drew a nice picture of his backyard landscape. So that made him really scared so he tried to get ahold of his dad to see his someone could pick him up but when it was answered all he could hear was the sound of blood dripping off a knife. Then when he got home the phone rang he was so scared that he didn’t pick up the phone but then it rang agent and again so he answered the phone he heard a voice say turn around. He saw the same clown that was in the window as in the pictures. Then he ran outside and started screaming help but the town looked abandoned...


The bloody bathroom

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:21

The clock has just struck midnight when all of a sudden she felt a vibration in her left pocket. She hesitantly pick up her phone and placed it agnist her ear. "hello." she said in a shaky voice that was bearly audiable. "Turn around" the mysterious voice whispered. She slowly turned around and saw nothing but rows and rows of books and the cranky old librairan. She checked the number to see who it was but it was a blocked number. She checked behind her agian, "Hello," she whispered "Who is there." no one anwserd her.Expect the librairan whos reply was "shhhh." She quickly packed up her things and ran out of the building. Then yelled "who is there." the only sound she heard was of crickets chirping in the tall grass patch. checking behind her with every step she took. When she got home she quickly locked all the doors. And checked to see if anyone was home. Her dad left when she was eight and her mother died in a car crash a few years ago. It was just her and her older brothers. She knew where her oldest brother was, Thomas had the night shift, Sam was at his friends house. But where was Harry? She searched all over her house and saw nothing, well exept for one place. The downstaries bathroom. She slowly made her way down the stairs and then slowly walked  to the door. It slowly opend when she put her hand on the gray, faded door. She walked in and saw....


Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:14

I was sitting there at my desk had a lot on my mind... Longest day of work ever, and i even have to stay late because I missed yesterday.  Thinking about my devorce, fighting to look at a picture of her knowing I had a report due to the boss the next day.  "CREEEEEEK" I look behind me alittle afraid but I knew the janitors were definitly working.  "bing!" I look back at my computer a message had poped up from UNKNOWN. "Are you afraid right now?" My stomach churned I turned my head, I had my back to the door to the hallway leading to the 2nd floor.  I replied "no." I checked behind me again. "bing" "DON'T LIE" I started thinking of an escape route to bolt out of here.  I repond "A little. Are you in my building?" "bing" "YES" I ignored the message and went back to work thinking about how my boss might kill me.  "Tap, Tap, Tap." I replied. "do you want something?" I turned my head once more "BING" I was freakishly loud. "YES" I replied quickly "What, What do you want?" "SLAM" the door opened and smashed a hole in the wall I backed up. I turned my computer to where I was standing "Please don't hurt me." Busssss" my phone rang UNKNOWN it read. my stomach dropped as I answered. In the creepiest voice I have ever heard in my life said "TURN AROUND" I slowly turned and a dark dark creature that was out of this world said "I WANT YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Turn around or stay still

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:01

It was late in me house. I was binding back and foth me dearm the phont was ring but the closer I got to it the more diserbing sound I hear.Me dearm world made me home look older or young ever time I swing for Realty into the dream. The house was always abodin in thw dearm, thouge evertime I go back it to the dream the closer Im to the phone the age change is more sificant.The dream had song of welling in pain evertime the dream when to the older house but the yonger house had sounds of peaple lagfing for some were.

The phone was in a me deck 5 five feet away the when the dream became somthing else the house were togher but I cound only see each with one of my eyes the old house with my right eye the yong one with the left. The time I pick up the phone tell me self that this a bad dream and the phone was real ring. I was looking out the desk window seeing nuthing. I pick up the phone and Asered it "hello" there was no recation then from the form the phone is said turn Around the sound got lounder and the sound were so loud it seamed it was ten feet away. the sounds of lougnter now it was like mad peaple lagning and the song of welling so I turn around a big black figner was right there with a phone. then it put the phone down.It sceamed then I whoke up the sound ring in my head "it was just a dearma".I said to my self but the phone it put down was the I stay still  then the phone ringing so I didn't asower this time but then it disaperd then I stay away form late night call afear that wereing wound happin again.

Classroom Conundrum

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:00

Bored to death. A usual occurrence, but this time it's not my fault. No one in the class has shown up. I started to wonder if I forgot about a field trip a few minutes ago, but after racking my brain nothing came up. I am about to get up and leave, or at least turn the thermostat down from “sweltering” to “comfortably warm” when my butt pocket starts vibrating and I pull out my phone.

Unknown Caller

Unknown Location


Swipe to Answer

While usually I ignore an unrecognized caller, I figure that's there’s nothing else to do so I lean back in my chair and swipe right.

From the other end, and as if from hundreds of miles away a voice whispers, “Turn around...”

Whipping around and letting my chair fall back to the floor, I turn. All I see is a smeared black paper with a gold star and the word “Capulet” scrawled across it. Turning back to my phone heart pumping, I watch as the screen goes black and listen as the buzz of a disconnection fades away.


Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 11:00

The phone buzzes and I walk over and glance at the phone, I realize the number is blocked. What did I do? Well me being me I answered the phone because I am just too curious of a person. I hear the rain coming down against my roof, oddly adding a calming sound making me feel comfortable to answer the phone call. I hit accept, “Hello?” I said. “Turn around.” This autotuned voice sounded bland and quite frightening.

Before responding, or turning around, I hear that beep that means this person has hung up the phone. I hear heavy breathing, and although I was panicky and breathing heavy it was not me. I felt this persons heavy breathing and I felt alarmed so I turn around as quickly as I possibly can and see my friend, Stacy, creepingly standing behind me. What you don’t know is Stacy is suppose to be dead, she died or “died” last year in her house, she was murdered by her ex boyfriend Mason, it was quite gruesome seeing that he broke her neck by striking it with a metal pipe. He ended up getting arrested for it on prom night, literally during prom night when he was going up for prom king. Nothing says prom night like getting arrested right? Well he’s now in some jail upstate for it, he’s pretty smart for confessing, not smart for murdering someone but at least he isn’t going to hurt anyone else.

My first reaction to seeing Stacy is going in to hug her but the second I go to hug her she disappears, causing some smoke to go around in my room. I start coughing and choking and all the smoke burns the inside of my lungs and I suddenly pass out from the smoke. The second my body hits the floor I rose up from my bed in a panic, I’m in a puddle of my own sweat and I’m shaking.

Looking around my room and slowing down my own breathing I see smoke seeping through the cracks of my door, and the fire alarm going off and I run downstairs in a hurry and see a roaring fire in my oven. I must have fell asleep as I baking cookies, but I get the fire extinguisher and spray it at the fire and I open all the windows to get the smoke out of the kitchen. As I’m saving my own life I realized what my dream means, well one that Stacy warned me of the fire. But, also how much of her death and her not being around anymore has affected me as a person seeing that she was practically my sister. As the smoke in my house goes away, I’m in awe about how even though people are dead they are still able to help from beyond the grave.


I Turned Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:59

My phone rings. I answer it, "turn around," a voice whispers. I jerked my body around and nobody was there. I started scanning the streets of my hometown of Fairbanks, AK. Not much happened here so I figured it was just one of my friends trying to trick me. But things didn't seem like that after a couple of minutes. I saw a couple people that were on their phones behind me. As I ended the phone call with the mystery caller another person put their phone down as well. It was him. The mystery guy turned around himself and bolted around a corner. I started to chase after him but as I reached the corner where he turned he was nowhere in sight. I went back to what I was doing just walking around town. The only thing that I knew about the guy was that he had dark brown hair and was wearing black pants with grey sweatshirt. I called my friends and told them what happened and we arranged to meet at a restaurant in town to discuss what had happened. There were five of us.

When we all got there and started talking they said that they had all gotten a phone call like that but didn't see anybody in sight and just shrugged it off. We came up with a plan to try to find out who it was. If any of us got another phone call we would turn around but just wait there and not the the antagonizer get the attention of us hoping that that was what he wanted and would keep trying while all of the other people in our friend group would come and catch him in the act. I was the one who got the next phone call from the mysterious man. I contacted my friends and tried stalling to wait for them to get here. I picked a bench to sit on and just waited there staring at my phone. I could tell that the guy was there. I could see the man walking across the street to another bench. My friends just arrived and knew that that was him. They all went in from different angles trying to close him in and make it so he didn't escape. I got up and also helped them. We closed in and he was trapped. We all jumped on him and help him down. We pulled his hood back and saw who it was. "Gary" I gasped.


turn around [fiction]

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:52

It was 12:00 the phone rang I answered the phone “Hello” I said in a babyish voice “turn around now” “what are you going to do to me if I do not turn around” “I have not made up my mind yet” “just turn around no time for questions just turn around” I looked behind me to see a furry black and wight thing that was the of a truck appearing at my door through a dust bunny. “What are you” I am a giant panda please do not scream everyone screams when they see me I am just looking for a friend” “you can be my friend if you want” “ if I scream will you still be my friend sure I know once you see a giant panda appear through a dust bunny you might find it a little scary.” “okay I will not scream” “aaahhh I am sorry I told you I would not scream sorry.



Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:51

"Turn around." You jump, wondering where the voice came from. "Hello?" Maybe it was the rescue party. You had heard them yesterday, but were too weak to move.

"Turn around." It isn't a question. You turn, and as you do you notice light coming from the trees. 

"Walk forward." You do, and emerge on to a highway. Cars whiz by at 80 mph. You turn in a circle, to see where to voice is. You see no one. You check your phone, a mere two days old, to see if the first owner had wifi. Surprisingly, you get a signal. you quickly type in your friends number, and wait as it rings. 


"Marie!" You gasp, "Thank god! I'm here!"

"Jordan? You're alive?"

"Yes! I'm on highway.." You look up aand check the number. you start to tell her, then look up again. "Uhhhhh..."


"I'm here. I don't know how, but I'm home. I- I'm on highway 11, near the gas station. The one with the weird sign?"

"Woah, really? Weird."

"I though you said we were nowhere near home?"

"We weren't. I'll come pick you up."


You wait until Marie arrives, and when she does you hug her. She is sobbing about how it was her fault, and she should've know that you sleepwalk, and-

"Marie. I'm fine, ok? I'm alive." 

"Y-yeah." SHe sniffs, wiping her nose on the back of her sleeve. 

"C'mon, lets go home."


That night, when you lay in your bed, you wondered about the strange voice. you muse aloud, wondering if you were hallucinating. By morning , you have chalked it up to your brain playing tricks of you. You grab the new phone, and tell your mom you're going to the mall. On the way there, you check the phone over, seeing if it has any strange malfunctions. It looks ok, but you decide to go to the phone store anyway. You stick your hand in your pocket, to see if you have any gum, but instead come up with a lighter. You are almost to the phone store. You walk in, and agai you hear the strange voice. 

"Its all overpriced junk, anyways. Why not stop them from cheating everyone out of money?"

You shake your head, confused, looking down at your phone.

"Yes. It's me."

You decide that it is better not to go into the store, after all. 

"Hey, Jordan! Wheres your girlfriend?"

You blush a deep red. "She's not my girlfriend, Thomas!"

"You sure?"

Again, the voice sounds. "It would be so easy. Take the lighter back out."

It's lilting sound now commands your every move. You do as it says. 

"Now walk forward. Don't let him see it."

You walk forward, slowly.

"Jordan. You good?"

You nod, again, slowly.

"Turn the lighter on."

You flip it on, the flame a steay orange.

"Hold it up to the wall."

The wall in question, a cheap, thin styrophome, catches quickly. You and he are engulfed in an inferno. then you black out


You hear something through the cotton that seems to be surrounding your ears.

"He's unresponsive. He keeps saying, 'The phone. Give me the phone'"

You slip out of consiousness once more, and never resurface. In the distance, you hear a menacing, lilting laugh.

The best day ever

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 10:41

        "Hello?" I answer the phone, as it had just woken me up.         "Turn around," said the voice on the other end. "Ahhhh!" My heart felt as though it was about to leap out of my chest, there standing right in front of me was probably the most important person in the whole country, Barack Obama. "Hello, Charlotte I am President Obama, and I would like to invite you to come along with me for the day and see what my day is like, and I have a special surprise for you at the end.

          I had no idea what to say I looked down at my shoes and thought about what I had done to deserve this amazing occurrence. "I would be more than honored to spend a day with you, is there anything I should bring?" My face got pretty red, as I probably had the look of an 8-year-old on their birthday. I followed the President and his many important looking people toward a shiny dark Chevy Suburban. Today I felt like I was the most important 14-year-old girl in the world, as we pulled up to the large white building, that only the most significant people got to go inside. 

          " So Charlotte, you may be wondering why you are here on this wonderful day, and that is because we got your letter about how...

Every Now and Then

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"Every now and then I get a little bit lonely."

My phone, it finally rang. This life of lonliness interupted by that sweet ring tone of mine. "Hello" I say. And a voice whispers "Turn Around" 

I quickly reply, " What kind of creep calls and tells me to do something? Take a hike" Click

For a moment I thought, Somebody wanted to talk to me. Only to find out that scaring me was their only hope. I guess this is what it means to be me. Prodded, poked at, mocked....yeah hastag sucks....

Turn arounbd bright eyes.........perhaps instead of this self pity, I should call somebody. In TA I learned that in stressful times it is best for a paerson to strenghten human connections. 

I guess that means it time to get on my XBox and light up some newbs in COD Modern Warfare.

"What up homey? Time to hand out some beatings" GamerTag PlayaPlaya007


Nothing is ever over.

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The room was cold, dark, and...I think...lonely? Yes, there was loneliness in this room. It wasn't something I could see or touch, but I knew that what had been here before me had never left here. 

Blood. There was so much blood. The floor was stained with it, almost glowing crimson. How did I know there was blood? The room is completely dark. I suppose that, just like the loneliness, I just knew. I could feel it. 

My phone began to ring. Why do I have my phone? Then, it came back to me. I had been on the bench in Greenwood Park, when suddenly, I felt a hand over my mouth, followed by a stinging pain in my neck. I know I had turned around. I know I had seen him, but...I can't remeber, god dammit I can't remember! The phone was still ringing. I picked it up. A voice on the other end was whispering to me. It was the voice of a man, old, likely sick by the sound of his cough. "Turn around," the voice said. I slowly turned. A door that must have been there the whole time unlatched and opened. A bright light entered the 4 ft by 4 ft room. Once my eyes adjusted, I saw him, and I remebered why I was here. 



Should i turn around? By Brittany Knuetter Tutorial Center

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 It was a monday evening an I was on my way home , when my phone rang in my pocket. I reached in my pocket an grabbed my phone, unknown caller.

I didn't, answer the phone, I kept walking home, my phone rang over an over again. I finally decided to answer the phone.

"hello"? I said "who is this"?

It was silent on the other end, I repeted myself. A voice said in a raspy voice "turn Around"! I turn around there was nothing there but darkness an the outlines of trees an houses. The feeling in my gut was awful, an anxious, scared feeling. Maybe the wrong number I thought. So I Stopped thinking about who it could be or if it was a wrong number an i continued walking home. Remind you i was about 50 ft from my house.

I started walking toward my front door when my phone rang again i answered it, the voice told me to "turn around". So again I turn around, an when I turned around I stood there waiting. There was nothing there at all. So finally I turn around to go inside.....


an my best friend was there waiting for me, holding a huge fuzzy black an white penguine with a stack of movies an a gallon of ice cream.

She told me I forgot all about my birthday an she was here to celebrate since the day before was Valentines Day.

I asked "why she kept making the calls to me?" "to frighten me"?, an as i was asking.. she stopped me , an told me she wasnt calling me. she told me she had been waitng for me in her car.

My phone rang again i didnt answer , it was an unknown caller again. 3 minutes later it rang again, i answered an said nothing the voice on the other end said "turn around"!

turn around

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i heared a voice it told me to turn around. so i didnt cause i am smart. but then i heared the voice again so i turned around thinking whats the worst that can happen. i turn an then the classroom starts spinning and soon it stops but i am the only one around and all my freinds are there but they look like ghost wait they are ghost. so i run down a tunnel and it gets dark i take another turn and something pops out at me i tun in the direction without knowing where i am going. i start to see a light so i run towards it but then it vanishes and another light appers so i run at that one but it does not dissapera i get to and its a clown having fun at a circuis i am confused and then i get hit in the face by one of my class mates it was dream all along.