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Turn Around

You answer your phone and a voice whispers, "Turn around..." What happens?

Turn Around

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Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:51

Ring,ring,ring my phone goes off I reach for it when I answer it this deep voice comes throw “turn around.” my head snaps back like a whip and there i see a man dressed in black



Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:51

Fall, 2017.  I was walking through the wood.  It was dark.  I heard my phone buzz in my pocket.  I look at the number.  It says...........Unknown.  I answer it out of the thought of curiosity.  A voice from the end wispers with a crackly voice, "Turn around."  I suddenly got scared.  I was in the middle of the woods on a cold spooky night.  The only light I had was the light from my phone.  I should head back.  But do I turn around?  I slowely turn.  Thinking that I am going to die.  I make it all the way around.  There's nothing there.  I thought to myself, it was probrably some stupid kid trying to scare me.  Well, I don't get scared that easy.  I tried to move up the path that would lead me home.  But I couldn't.  Something was holding my leg to the ground.  I pulled harder and harder until I was so tired that I could barely stand up.  I look up from the ground and see a body, just sitting in the middle of the path.  Like a little kid listening to a story at school.  I felt like screaming.  But there was such a big lump in my throat that I could barely breath.  All the sudden, the body stood up.  It started walking closer and closer, until it was so close I could touch it.  I'm wishing that I had never come out here.  All the sudden, the grip on my leg tightens.  It in now so tight that I'm surprised it didn't cut the circulation.  The body began to laugh.  I began to stuggle.  I felt like crying.  I held back the tears.  The man suddenly vanished.  All that was left of him, was a little box about as big as a normal sized pillow.  The grip on my leg losend and I felt it go away all together.  I want to run and keep running until I got home.  But, I was so scared that I couldn't move.  Also, do I bring the box back with me.  I calm myself down and pick up the box.  I start running.  I get to my deck.  I began to open the box.  I open it and, it was something that looked so familiar, that I began crying.  I couldn't beleive it.  My uncle died two years ago in a army accident.  It was his old uniform.  I put it on.  It fit perfectly.  That day I knew my destiny.  I would fallow his footsteps.

trunaroud bad drem

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12:00am thea was sleeping.In her drem the phone ring,she went down stars and anwer it.on the phone these man said "turn around" thea did. a doll a roten doll with moss on her, she was saying "your next" and walk tords her a then disperd.

"ring ring ring ring.....ring ring ring ring"  thea woke up and walk bown the stars very solwy.then got to the phoe and siad " hello?" there the man was saying "turn around."  thea did the doll was not there.then thea look up some thing was driping the doll was on the seling with her head dack would and some thing driping out of her mouth.then she was gone thea looked down the doll said "tun aroud" thea truned around a man was there the man put a dag on her head........then they were gone,the hose was emty,but the doll still hutes the house when new peole come then they desuper every day. that haues numder was 6...6...6.


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As I come home from a long hard day at work, I take My keys from out of my pocket, find the house key on the carabiner, put it in the door handle, and open the door. As I walked in, it felt very...awkward, but I denied the feeling. “BRING BRING BRING” the house phone. I picked the phone up and put it to my ear.

“Hey bro” he said “you left your phone at the office”

“Oh crud” I say “one second, I will come back”

“No need” he said “turn around”. There was a man with my phone and a knife in his hands.

He whispers in a deathly voice “You forgot your phone”.

“You have been compromised. You will not scream, you will not yell, you will not fight back, do, you, hear me. This is for your own good. You are dead my friend.” “say goodbye!”

He showed me a facetime on my phone of my whole family tied up and in chairs with rags in their mouths.





The End


"Turn Around"

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:49

You hear a ringing in your pocket, it's late and your not sure who would be calling you. So hesitantly you pull out your phone.  On the screen you see a unknown number calling you. It’s from you area code but a number you’ve never seen. U click the green call button and here a deep voice come out of your phone. At first you don't understand what words the voice is saying, it repeats the words again, that time you hear it. The words “ look behind you” are muttered through the phone. First your in shook, then without a second thought you run, out of your bedroom, and through the halls. Never looking back, not knowing what was behind me.


turn around

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your at you house all by your self. Your just relacsing when your phone rings your parints tell you not to anser calls when your home alone so you just let it pass but it rings again you do the same thing agian and agian. finally it gets to anoying so you anser. a voice ansers look behind you you look nothings thare you look fowerd and you see something move. you just think its your cat but when you look its just looking at something with its hair strat up and hissing. you trun on your flashlite now scared you see blood on the wall you look at it more closly because your cerreus ypu see that it spells words we're coming for you!!! You scream. then you notis that theres blood driping from the sealing but thars nothing there than you here DRIP DRIP DRIP coming from the kitchen. you take one step but a bear trap clamps on your leg you hear a scraping noise that sounds like metal on stone than you here steps creping up to you than you here lafing than you he  slunck!

Turn Around

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The man lived in a run down part of the city. It was known to be rough, not a place you would want to be caught alone on the streets. His apartment on the third floor was run down as well, and any stranger would think he was up to no good. The man's phone rang just as he walked in the door. As he walked over to pick up the phone, it was clear he had been expecting a call. He answered it without saying a word. The person on the other end was silent for a moment before telling him, "Turn around". The man again did not look surprised. He turned around to look at his window, but no one was there. He walked over and looked out, but there was no one. His door opened behind him, and the man knew he had been tricked. Two policemen walked in holding handcuffs. "Your friends are in the car," one policeman said, "Let's go." The man went with them.

What Happened

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:46

I was at home all alone and I picked up the phone "turn around" someone says. So i slowly turn around its the police they say what they always say "slowing put your hands behind your hand".  I do it then they put handcuffs on me. They bring me out side and there is a helicopter flying around everyone has there phones out and is taping me then they put me in there cop car and then someone yells "cut" then I walk away and someone says to me "you were great" someone else says "glad we picked you". I walk into my dressing room.

Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:44

Jess: Hey kev, you there?

Jess: Kev?

Jess: KEVIN?

Kev: Yeah?


Kev: Sorry. 

Kev: Uuuuh.... there's someone in my house.....

Jess: Who?

Kev: I can't tell. Its dark. 

Kev: Goodbye.

Jess: What's happening?

Jess: where are you?

Jess: Whats going on!!!

Kev: Hi


Kev: Its ok it was just gram. She got out of bed.

Jess: Kev?

Kev: yeah?

Jess: I thought

Jess: I just thought, 

Jess: Didn't your gram 

Jess: die?

Jess: Kev?

Jess: Kev?

Jess: I thought I said dont do this!

Jess: kev?

Kev: turn around

   Jess felt the feeling. The feeling you get when you walk up the stairs in the dark, thinking there is one more step than there is, and just as your foot falls down, not to feel the next step, but to stumble and lose your balance, and to regather your thoughts as you consider what has just happened. Your heart flutters as you continue to walk. 

    Jess turned around. She looked up. A man. With a mask. A glove. The glove holding, a long, butcher knife.

     All went black.

Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:44

You turn around and the person who was calling you said look behind you, and it was a note that said meet me in the park at midnight tonight and don't be late. When he got their it was a ghost, and that ghost was his father. He has not seen his father sence he moved out and that was ten years ago. He said,

I told your mom before I died to not tell you so I could find you and tell you myself,

 How did you die why did you not want mom to tell me.

Thats because,We have not seen you in a long time, And I wanted to see you myself that is all I think that you should go home now and in the morning call your mother and dont forget

When he got home it was two in the morning and when he went to bed he dremt about his father and how much fun they had when he was a kid and in the morning he forgot all about what had happend that night exept that his dad told him that he should call his mother and he did not remember that his father had died the night before so he called his mother and asked how she was doing over the years

And she said good exept your father just died last night and we are planing his funeral for that weekend and he should be their to see it

And he said ok and how did he die he was just really old

Ok i'll be their bye

Hi there

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:44

 Saturdays have always been my favorite. Always quiet, nobody to distract me. I usually get everything I need to do done. But today was off. It felt like someone was there with me. The phone rings. "Turn around." someone whisperd. The line hung up. 

Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:44

I wake up one normal day and get out of my bed. I grab my phone to go eat breakfast but then I hear my phone ring in my pocket. I get it out of my pocket and see that it said that caller is UNKOWN. I answered it anyway. "Hello?" I asked. I heard a skratchy voice come on a minute later. It was a man. "T.....R.....U......R.......N around, I heard it say VERY slowly. Then the line went dead. I start turning around. Then what I saw next frightened me so much. A dead man on a nuce, hanging their, fresh blood dripping from his nose and his mouth. His hands were also purple and he was spinning in a SLOW circle. Then I saw him blink. I screamed so loud. "AHHHH" I screamed and started running out of the door. I ran into my bathroom locked the door and sat on the toilet. I was about to get my phone out and call the police  but the phone started to ring. UNKNOWN. I picked it up anyway. "Turn Around," It said in its slow voice. I started to turn around even though I shouldent have. I knew their was a mirror behind the toilet above it though so I knew all I was going to see was my face. So I turned around slowly and then I saw my face at first, but then I saw it, a man, dead in a nuce right behind me. I tried to run around it but it was bassiscly leaning on the door and I wasnt touching it. I sat on the toilet paralized. It was one of those small bathrooms that didnt have have a bath or shower. So I was forced to sit on the toilet and watch it spin and spin in circles. I looked for my phone in my pocket but it WASENT their. Then I saw it. Right under the dead man. And blood was pooring onto it to. Then what happened next I cant explain. The dead man with it's purple hands put his hands on the nuce and slipped out of the nuce. Then I saw it pull out a knife and walk towred me with its bloody knife. Then it stabbed me with it right in the neck. I tried to scream but I couldent. I knew I was going to die. Then the other dead man walked into the bathroom with a knife to and its nuce was still on its neck just the nuce was cut off. "OMG" I thought to myself. Then I saw it raise its hand over my head, and then everything went black.

Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:41

Ring, Ring. My phone rings. I answer. "Hello?" I ask.

"Tuuuuurn arooooooound," I hear a voice whisper. I hang up and slam my phone down. I'm so freaked out, but I feel like I need to turn arond. I turn on my heel. I see a glimps of something shiny while I'm turning around, but there's nothing behind me.

I turn in the direction of the thing I saw shining. There's still nothing there. I panic and pick up my phone to call my mom. I'm about to dial, when the phone rings again. I see under the number, it says RECENT CALLER. I pick up, but before I can even say something, I hear the same voice that told me to turn around before, "Spin around dumby, not just turn the other direction!" 

I know I shouldn't turn around, but I feel the same obligation to spin. I start spinning in circles. The same way I used to when my dad was playing music and dancing. But this is different. This time there's no music. This time my dad's not there. This time I'm alone in the house with some random person calling me on the phone.

I keep spinning. I start spinning faster. Images apear in my vision. Images of knives. Images of blood. Images of some person being... Beging murdered. I see long hair. It's a girl.

Then my phone rings again. It's the same number as the last two calls. I answer. This time I don't even bother to say anything. I just listen."You are seeing your future. That girl you see. She's you. I'm not supposed to, but I'm warning you know. My band of people are coming for you."

"Why do they want me?" I ask

"They want-" But that's all I hear from that voice. Instead I hear a scream, a knife thwacking flesh, and a cackle. I assume that the person who warned me, just got killed. 

I listen some more, but I can't make out any distinct words. I decide to hang up. I run to my bedroom to collect everything I'll need for what I'm going to do next. I grab water, food, and some blankets. 

I gather everything, and go into my closet. I move the hangers around, and open the trap door to the attic. I hope they wont find me here. I run up the ladder, lock the trap door from the inside, and go to the little nest I made myself years ago.  I burry my face in the blankets. 

I hear the front door bang open, and some raspy voices. "Heeeere little chickie, where are you?"

I block out the world and fall asleep.

turn around

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I was at a party kids were drunk it was a tipical high school party we were all seniors but somthing didnt feel right. I just had this filling that somthing bad was going to happen I-I think I see angalina a girl in my class that I know shes not the type you'd normaly see at a party...well then agein im not the type of person you'd normaly see at a party sudenly I heard a nois coming from my pocket it was my phone must be my mom wondering where I am I picked up the phone without looking at the contact that was calling me my 2nd mistake tonight there was a voice on the other line that i reconised from some where but it definatly was not my mom the voice said "turn around!"

"what-who is this and what do you want?!" 

"theres about to be a boming where you are you need to get out of there" he said in a conserned tone 

"ok." I ran out of that place as fast as I could and the day after l heard on the news that people were held hostage at that place.

Turn around

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Ring,ring. I hear the telephone ringing, but its not just a normal ring. Its sound different then any other ring that I have ever heard. "AHH" I scream, it scares me half to death. "Can you get the phone please sweetie?" Askes mom. "Ugh, sure whatever mom." Is my response. I walk over to the telephone. As bright as red as it can be. More red than a super ripe apple. I can see my reflection, and I relize that I am terrifired. I pick up the phone, my hand shaking so badly that my vision goes  blury. I slowly put the phone to my ear. I feel a vibration on my ear and my ear is burning from how cold the telephone is. "HELLO!!!" I hear a little voice that is super quite, yet super loud. "I drop the phone so quickly and run away so fast that I run into the stairs. "MOM!" I shout. "HELLO!" answers that voice again. It seems like it came out of the telephone and is now following me! "MOM!!!" I scream "Mom where are you!" I keep running until I run short of breath. "Your mom is gone." Whispered that creepy voice again. I dont know if I want to cry or get angry. Everthing is a blurr now I can feel the hot wet tears pouring down my wet eyes. "MOM!!!" I shout even louder than before. "I SAID YOUR MOM IS GONE!!!" This time quite louder than before says the thing out of the phone. I can feel myself melting, melting, melting.until I think that Im gone.  

story of my life

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My parents where not home.The phone was ringing, so I when over to the phone. I heard a voice. "TURN AROUND"is what I heard, by the way my name is billy, i am ten years old.This was creeping me out, but i did what everyone would have.I TURNED AROUND. there before my eyes was a little girl, like any othre little girl. but man, was i wrong, she told me in a stone cold voice to go to the basment. Then she was gone.Then a I heard a voice, a baby voice comeing from the basment.I called my mom, she said she had something to tell me about my father i never knew,*click* the phone when dead. the baby screams got louder I RAN to my room. shut the door, and when under the bed. Then it was silent. I heard foot steps and then A door opened.IT WAS MY DOOR, i though,and then the girl was next to me, "RUN"she told me before it is to late. Then she was gone just like that.I ran like I never did before. I heard my name, then my mom was next to me. "its only a dream dont worry"she said.Then it hit me it was all a dream a nightmare.

TURN AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:38

Your phone rings, the phone number is blocked but you and answer it anyway. You say "hello", and no one answers, you say it a couple more times, "hello", "hello," again no one answers, so you hang up. Then it rings again number still blocked but you answer anyway. All you can hear is heavy breathing, then it stops. A deep voice whispers, "turn around."...... You turn around. Behind you is an open box. You bend over to look in it but its empty. SUDDENLY two hands push you in and tape the box shut. You were never heard from again.

turn Around

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One day that that was like any other I was in my house reading a book on the couch under my bed but then to my suprise I got a phone call. Ring ring ring it went inpatiently waiting for someone to pick it up there was no one else in the house so I put down my book and walked over to the phone with a thud thud thud and picked it up. I said "hello ho is this?"The person on the other end was breathing slowly and heavly as if this was a mirricle and said "I know where you live."And for a moment my heart stopped I thought "Ho is this? What do they want? Where are they?" and then they said look behind you. I stopped every thing in my living esense thought that I was going to die right there so I said my prayrs and slowly taking my time turned around. And you know what the big supprise was there was nobody there so I said "Is there supose to be some one behind me or what?" the person stopped then thought a moment then hung up I still have no idea what happend to this day.      

The Thing!!!!

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The car took off in a cloud of dust, they were leaving. The only people I cared about in the whole world. I was alone, I picked up my phone to play some games, when I got a call. unknone name, great. I picked up the phone. "Turn around" a cold voice instructed me, I turned. there it was, just like the stories. The thing. after that every thing went into a blur, I threw two hard punches, but that just made it angry. I started to run. I slammed the dorr behind me as I took off. I slipped on a rock, and blacked out. 

The next day I awoke in a hospital bed with a nasty gash on my arm. I tried to speak but no words can out. My mom put a soothing hand on my shoulder,"Im sorry for every thing she said". "Me and your father just played a little prank on you, and it got out of hand". wow, I thought, that was a prank?, pretty cruel. "Im sorry we left you at the campsite we needed milk, and I know how you are alone". "but your father got a bad idea on the way back, and that resulted in your concusion".



"Turn Around"

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:37

"BRING,BRING,"It had been a normall day in a normall month in a normall year. One night changed it all. As I joged home from her sports practice my phone rang. I was reluctant to stop, but I pick up my phone and awnsered it.

"Hello?" I said. I could hear nioses in the backround, of cars blaring their horns. The vioce I heard was unexpected.

"Turn Around," A vioce comanded, I was pretty stuborn, so I turned around. Huh? I had been on the side walk moments later, but when i turned around I was in the middle of the street. A girl my age appeared, she smirked, and then disapeared. I was too suprised by her vanishing into thin air that I din't have time to run away when I saw the car. Coming strait on, not stopping. I felt the car slam into me and then blackness, pure blackness. For some reason it was comforting, and I closed my eyes.

"Annabelle!" I heard, my eyes slowly ujusting to the bright, bright light. A screaming pain went through me, my ears rigning, my head hurting, and my lungs, it was hard to breathe. 

"She has a 1 out of 4 chance," another vioce said. My season, was deffinetly gone, but my life, was already over. I was already dying, I was dead. 

Unknown Call

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:35

She ran through the jungle of vines and shadows. The moon seeped ominously through the towering branches. She tripped on a rotting log and landed hard.  A voice whispered in her head. I never should’ve came back looking for her. That’s the last thing she wants. Because of you she may be hurt. You are cruel; for the sake of everyone you should disappear too. Ring! Ring! Her phone pierced through the stuffy silence. Wondering, “How do I even have service  here?” she accepted  and cautiously pressed  the phone to her ear. A static crackling noise greeted her until a gravelly voice mumbled, “Turn Around.” She froze for a long time. “Turn around now!” She dropped the phone, tears trickling down her face. The phone had fallen silent. Again she froze until suddenly, a loud siren erupted out of her phone. It increasingly grew louder until she was worried it was about to explode.

Then it did! Confetti erupted everywhere! Confused, she turned around. “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”


"Turn Around"

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:28

“Hello who is this,” I say into my phone ; an unknown caller had appeared on my screen. “Turn around” someones yells into my phone. I began to run “not again” I whisper under my breath. My feet pound against the pavement, and my breath begins to labor. I dart around the street corner and down the asphalt sidewalk. Narrowly avoiding people as I run full speed as far as I can before… It has begun, my head pounds, my hands sweat my body shakes but I do not fall down, I remain petrified still sweat runs down my face my body, full of fear quivers. I am imobile. People walk around my as if water around a rock, a few people stop, give me strange looks and ask if I am alright but I do not answer. My tongue is twisted and tied. My ability to speak taken by fear.  I can not answer because… He heard me no sense in descreshion now I begin to run once more screaming in fear and shame at what I have brought to this place. Why did I move to the city? Why did I condemn myself? My hair is plastered to my face my shame runs down my legs I am so afraid and then the pain begins I fall to the ground scraping my hands in a effort to save myself. The blood runs down my hands as I am ripped apart. My head pounds my eyes water as I strain myself, trying to look up and see. He stands over me menacing dark and deadly. “Hello there” he says “ you knew you could never get away” and I did know, I had always know, sense the first time I had seen him many times, but he had never caught me before.  Any scared animal always tries to escape. In that moment I think only to protect myself, I leap at him savagely in a attempt to defend myself but he only laughs. My hands are cold. The kind of cold filled with despair that eats the light and leaves you with only sadness and agony. He pushes me down and this time I stay down. Little bits of rocks grind away my fingernails and into the flesh of my hands and I scrape the ground clawing for traction. My head hits the sidewalk I see stars and my vision goes blurry the buzzing in my head has turned to a roar as if a waterfall was crashing down upon me. And I go blind. Everything is dark but the roaring, breaking, crashing treacherous noise continues. I can't feel the cement any longer,  my hands still bleed and I hold on to their warmth in the neverending cold. Huddled up and small, “this must be the end,” I say. After so many times i never thought he would catch me, that I would be here.I die. The light the laughter the memories all drain from me, running from me as people from a plage. All my life flows into the roaring river, the one I heard in my head before; the one that sounds like desperation. I am reunited with the demon that brought me to this frozen hell. He stands before me now more solid than he ever was in the light of day, he thrives in this darkness. “My dear” he says “you were never going to win.” My head lowers in my defeat my final submission before the cold leaves and the real hells begins. I feel as if now many years into the torment I have forgotten what I feels to not be in pain, in darkness. Now that my pain is no longer my prison. The real pain has begun not the pain of my body but of the overwhelming and consuming nothingness of existence. I am at school.

The Trip

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:20

It was the fall of 1982 I had gone on a camping trip we got to the camp site we were there for about two day. After we we got out of the car my mom said go run off go explore the area and have fun. My phone was in my pocket and I started running and I had gone about half a mile. When I realized my phone had fell out of my pocket so I traced my steps and on the way I heard something *crack* the sound of a cracking stick I turned around nothing was there. at that point I had already found my phone and about 2 mins later my phone rang *ring ring* the person on the phone said TURN AROUND. So I did and there it was a 20 foot tall man with a knife in his hand and thats when I started runing back for camp I was running as fast as I could. I got back to camp it was there infront of me my mom my dad and brother.

The Man in the Black Cloak

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:19

It was an arid August evening in a small town in upstate Vermont. My Mother and Father had a business meeting at 6:00 pm and I was alone with my younger sister Allie. I heard a knock at the door and in the doorway was a man, about 6'3, with a scruffy beard and long blonde hair. He was dressed in an all black suit with a white collared shirt underneath. They left a few minutes later and It was dark by then. Outside a calm breeze blew across Lake Champlain and I felt goosebumps on my neck all the way down my spine. I called Allie who was reading a book, downstairs. I asked her if she felt bit scared, she replied with a slight nod of the head. We soon were on the couch looking out the window. I heard the phone ring upstairs. I swiftly tip-toed up the stairs. I picked up the phone. "Turn Around", a voice whispered. I felt a chill run down my spine, like when you get snow down your jacket. I slowly turned to see a man in a black cloak in the doorway with a sack. I froze. So many thoughts scrambled around in my brain. He came towards me. I ran and slid under his legs. I soon picked up Allie and scurried out the door. "Come to the well" yelled a familiar voice.

Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:18

It was a dismal day, to begin with. I should have known that it would get worse.  At around eight a.m. I got a text from my best friend Joe.  He told me to meet him at the park in the center of our neighborhood in ten minutes.  I replied telling him that I'd be there.  But just before I was going to leave I glimpsed a shadowy figure staring into my bedroom window.  I didn't give it much thought though, considering I lived in a shady neighborhood in upstate New York I was lucky to be alive.  As I grabbed my heavy, navy blue jacket off of our coat rack I heard my phone ring.  Once again I didn't pay much attention to it though, I figured it was just Joe calling to scold me for being late.  As I pulled my phone from my pocket I heard a small creek that I instantly recognized as the kitchen floorboards.  I slid my finger across the home screen to answer the call, as I put the phone up to my ear I heard a deep voice whisper into my other ear, "Turn around!"  I listened and spun around as quickly as possible.  The last thing I saw was a gun pointed at my head.   Jeff's accounts from heaven.

The Man in the Black Cloak

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:18

It was an arid August evening in a small town in upstate Vermont. My Mother and Father had a business meeting at 6:00 pm and I was alone with my younger sister Allie. I heard a knock at the door and in the doorway was a man, about 6'3, with a scruffy beard and long blonde hair. He was dressed in an all black suit with a white collared shirt underneath. They left a few minutes later and It was dark by then. Outside a calm breeze blew across Lake Champlain and I felt goosebumps on my neck all the way down my spine. I called Allie who was reading a book, downstairs. I asked her if she felt bit scared, she replied with a slight nod of the head. We soon were on the couch looking out the window. I heard the phone ring upstairs. I swiftly tip-toed up the stairs. I picked up the phone. "Turn Around", a voice whispered. I felt a chill run down my spine, like when you get snow down your jacket. I slowly turned to see a man in a black cloak in the doorway with a sack. I froze. So many thoughts scrambled around in my brain. He came towards me. I ran and slid under his legs. I soon picked up Allie and scurried out the door. "Come to the well" yelled a familiar voice.

The Call

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The familiar creaking of the floorboards is so normal its almost comfoting. As I walk down the hallway I take a look in the large mirror my mom has hanging on the blank pristine wall. She would say its for decoration. But whatever its there for I like it there. I always see my apperance when I walk by. The comfort of my apperance calms me. Knowing I´m pretty make me feel good. Mom calls me vain. 

I think not. 

I happen to be home alone on this particular day, I´ve opened all the windows so the sun can bleed through onto the floor. My phone beeps. Its just the usual social media notification or text. I choose to ignore. Often times, its a notification for a follow, or a like on a post. Nothing I wouldn´t be used to. I get those daily. I set my phone on the pale marble counter as I advenure to the fridge for a snack. My phone buzzes. Ignore. My phone buzzes again. Over and over, someones calling me? Who even calls these days? What the heck? Just let it ring. 


It rings again, this time I answer. ¨what do you want?¨ I snap at the unknown caller. 

¨Casey I see you turn arou...¨ I cut them off.

¨do I look good?¨

The Giant Cat

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It was 12:00. I heard my phone ringing. I picked it up and answered. Then I heard a voice behind me. “ Turn around.” The voice whispered. “ Turn around.” The voice whispered again. I wiped around to see two large amber eyes staring at me from the shadows. Then the largest thing I had ever seen stepped out from the dark evil mouth of the shadows. It had whiskers, two pointy ears, four long legs for running and each paw had four long pointed claws, purrfect for ripping meat. Then I saw the tip of a tail poking out of the shadows. Then I realized that the phone was still ringing. I pressed the red button. Then I stared into the creatures mouth. Sixty two blood stained teeth stuck up from it’s gums. “ Wha wha what are you?” I stammered. “ The largest cat in the world.” It said proudly. Then I found my courage. “ What do you want?” I snapped. “ Why are you here? Why can you speak human?” “ Enough with the questions!” The giant cat snapped back. The cat reached out a ginormous paw and scooped me up. “ Hey!” I shouted. “ Put Me down!” “ Please don’t scream. My ears are sensitive.” The cat said calmly. “ Now let’s answer your questions.” The cat said. “ Now, I can speak human because I am magical. And I know that you have always wanted to be a cat, so I am going to turn you into one. And I don’t want anything.” The cat finished. “ One more question. What’s your name?” I asked. “ Shadow.” Shadow replied. Then Shadow entered a cave with bottles of different colors of blood. There was green, blue, red, purple, yellow and many more. “ Are you going to take my blood?” I asked. “ No.” Shadow replied. “ I just need you to drink the green blood.” “ Ok.” I said. I picked up the green bottle. I took a sip. It tasted awful. “ The whole bottle?” I asked. “ The whole bottle.” Shadow replied. I finished it in two gulps. I closed my eyes. Then I opened my eyes. Then I was a cat like I always wanted to be.


Turn Around...

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I look down at my phone. I read, “Turn around.” I heard the footsteps right behind my back. My feet feel glued to the ground. I can’t seem to move and the cold sweat is running down my back. I turn around and I see…

A curly redheaded boy with thick glass staring at me with his pimple covered face. “Hi Garth.” I say in an exasperated voice. He cackles and jauntily walks away. A couple minutes later I hear a blood curdling scream. A fellow classmate was lying limply on the ground. I run to help but the last thing I see is a flash of curly red hair before the piercing pain of a knife through my gut.

I feel the warm blood seeping through my fingers. I see blue and red flashing lights, and a burly man dragging Garth by his ear. A medic comes over with a stretcher and starts to transfer me off the ground. All of a sudden I see a bright light. I reach for it and then everything goes dark...