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A baby was born today. Write a letter to introduce this child to the world as you see it.


Dear Baby,

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 18:50

Dear Baby,

It is vital to the survival of the world that you are kind. It is vital to respect the opinions of others, as long as those opinions respect other people’s existence. It vital that you fight for what you believe in and improve upon your past mistakes.  It is vital that you stay true to yourself, or the truest you can be in your situation. It is vital that you love, whether it is your family, a partner, or a pet. It is vital that you are active in your society no matter your age.

You have been born in the time of the internet. A glorious instrument of knowledge and power. You have been born in a time of science and discovery, but also a time of revolution and chaos.

Stay peaceful. Stay Kind. Speak your mind.

With the best of luck,

A fellow human


To my newborn baby with love

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 16:42

Dear Gabriella Inez,

Today you were welcomed into a crazy loving family that is beyond happy to have you. We couldn’t decide if your name was going to be Gabriella Inez or Annabel May but as soon as we saw you we knew that the name would be Gabriella Inez.  The moment I laid eyes on you I instantly fell in love like I have never done before and so did your father. The moment our eyes met each other we made a bond that many mothers and daughters share. You weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and were 19 1/2 inches. You’re hands and feet so small but just perfect. You got beautiful blue eyes just like your mother and dark brown hair just like your father. In two days we will take you out of the hospital room and you will get to see the flowers and green that Vermont has to offer during spring for the first time. There are troubles of stereotypes of what your generation will be like but I know that you will prove everyone wrong. You will follow your dreams and do what you want because that’s what makes you along with everyone else happy. I can’t wait to watch you on the soccer field, on the basketball court, on the hockey ice, or just doing what makes you happy. I’ll be at all the games supporting you along with more of the family. You are so beautiful Gabriella and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do. You will never fail to put a smile on my face and make me proud. Welcome to the world Gabriella Inez!

With lots of love, your mother


Your Story

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Your story has begun.
Make it one to remember.
Set an example for our planet, 
You start right now, this December!

You are here to make a difference.
Let your voice carry far.
Never ever give up hope.
Always aim for the stars.

You are here to show the world,
How great a place it can be.
So, spread kindness, love, and joy,
For everyone to see.

I’ll warn you now this place is harsh,
Full of dangerous beyond compare.
We treat each other like animals.
Life is never fair. 

But always know you have a choice,
In what you say and do. 
Don’t let others bad influence,
Control what's really you.

Be the best person you can be,
Until your life is done.
Make it one to remember,
Your story has begun.


It Won't Know

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 15:57

Today it will be,

a day of celebration.

a day of cheers.

for yet another child has taken their first breath.

Will they pray to god?

in hope for a safe sleep.

or will they choose the night,

of a child with wonders.

chances are,

the baby won't know who our president is.

the baby can't know,

That they might find a hole needing to fill,

with narcotics, alcohol, and pain.

the child won't know,

that as a teenager,

they might experience disabling anxiety,

and depression.

the baby can't know their best friend might abandon them,

for someone more popular.

the baby will only know how to shake a rattle

the baby won't know that woman still struggle for equal rights.

the baby won't know that the world is slowly depleating,

They will not know that we are trapping ourselves in a bubble of smog,

slowly killing each other without even knowing it.

the child can barely lift its head

how will it know

it's only the beginning 

of the end


Marcus Family Letter.

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:50

Dear person I saw you writing about traditions to Marcus  it was quite a show as you told me evrything and showed me what you wrote I guess it was just a pretty cool idea to the fact of matter with the spinach with cereal is that its ok to not get the letter in time to Marcus because of the storm so it was pretty coll of you to do that my friend. Sincerely your friend...

You Don't Know

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You're lucky, you know?
You don't know a single thing about this world, its rules, it's creations, it's joy, or it's cruelty.

You don't know the harships you have to gothrough as you grow older, knowing that you won't be able to be younger anymore-only to grow older every day and every second of your life.

You don't know the unfairness of school or the people in them-almost like a cruel game of prey and predator (being a little dramatic). 

You only know the light and smiling faces of the people who love you, care for you, even if you've only been in this word for a split few seconds. 

You know the goodness of the world, and not the bad.

Which is good-if you think about it.


Welcome to the family Marcus!

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Dear Marcus, Today you were born into the Jefferey's! Your brother's name is Jorge and I am Barbra. We have many family traditions such as going on long cruises. We love to eat big bowls of parsley and spinnich with a side of cereal. We dont have much hot water but we also dont have much time to use such water in our time frame! I cant wait to see you and learn everything about you, your friend Barbra.

Out of the Dust

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In the book called Out of the Dust.  A girl named Billie Jo her Pa put a bucket of oil on the stove.  Billie Jo brought the bucket of oil outside and throw it on Ma. So Billie Jo’s hand were burned and Billie Jo loved to play piano but her hands hurt to bad.  Pa found the money for the new baby and Pa went and spent it on drinks.  Billie Jo’s hands were burned so bad she could not go and give Ma a drink of water.  Ma ended up dying and not long after Billie Jo’s brother died.  Ma loved her apple trees but the grasshoppers were eating the trees.  Billie Jo and Pa could have eaten the apples. Billie Jo and her Pa were poor at the time. This was a very depressing time period it was sad.

Baby Was Born

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:13

      So the baby comes out of the mom it was opening its eyes to all the new colors and the new things it will see. Seeing people many pets it is all where you come out if there is a lot of movement. All that you are doing and the more you do it. It will just be like everything is happening for that great baby. Maybe you have like something colorful and cool things around your house that will make it better and it is like a rainbow. The baby maybe  will be learning new things all right there so that baby can have the best site when they come to this great world. That is how I think it feels when a baby comes out and into this world. Just as long as you do something great and you have great things and a great house it feels like new things are opening up it just feels great. If you were in a bad house and not have great stuff it would be sad it would not be fun at all. This is all of what I think how it would feel either way you came into this would !!!


Zack the Baby Boy

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By austin hill



Yay a baby boy was born today?  His name is zack. Welcome to the world zack.   You are about experience several challenges,such as money problem,fun athletic activities and the joy of no bills at an every age.  


Little Eloise

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Dear little Eloise,

I want you to know that I will always love you. I will always be there to protect you, and to look out for you.

The world is a cold place, and people will want to hurt you, and people will break your heart. And whenever you feel hurt know, that I will always be here for you and I will always love you.

All my love,


baby boy

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A baby was born today from Janie Meryweather

It is  little blonde haired boy.

His name Alex Meryweather.         


baby boy

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:12


A baby was born today from Janie Meryweather

It is  little blonde haired boy.

His name Alex Meryweather.         



Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:12

Dear readers,

    Today I am going to present you a new baby that has come into our world. It does not matter if it is a boy or a girl but this one is a girl.

    This new baby that has came into our world her name is Ellie. Ellie has dark hair with blue eyes. She is 5 pounds .3 ounces and 18 inches long. Her full name is Ellie Mae Rose.

She is the cutest baby I have ever seen. We need to accept her into this world as we would any other human. Ellie was born with a heart problem so she is still in the hospital with her mom and dad. They are doing everything they can to save this baby. I know that this baby will make it out alive but will you?

    That is all I have for you today and do me a favor and pray for Ellie Mae Rose to make it out of the hospital safely.


The New Baby

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:10


The New Baby


Mama had a baby today she was so cute.

Taylor was her name,

She was so small.

Cuddly and soft.

The world to my baby sister was probalay big.

Considering she's so small.

I think the baby sees us as a big unknown figure.

Who knows, maybe she's scared and worried.

I know i would be,

Seeming she was in Mama.

For nine long,


Lonely and painful months maybe she was scared .

The world might be bright because when she was inside a stomach.

It's dark and different then the real

bight, open world.

My baby sister sees this world as a new environment.

She probably is nervous to see new faces and new things besides what's in Mas stomach.

We are new to this baby and shes new to us as well.

She hasn't opened her as completely.

But,  surely  when she does she'll get used to us and the world and things around us.   

We all just have to adjust .




Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:10


So, I'll be honest, right now the world isn't too great. First off, Donald Trump is elected. You'll find out soon enough who that is, don't worry. He's trying to kick all the Muslims out of the United States! Crazy, right? There's some terrorism and there is a lot of racism and shootings. Yikes! There's actually just a lot of hate in general. But don't worry, there is so much good! First of all there are so many people standing up for what they believe in and I think that's awesome. Also, Beyoncés having twins (so is George Clooney and Amal but I think Beyoncés better), the Grammys are on Sunday (you arrived just in time), 


Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:09



A baby was born today and I am writing a poem for the lovely baby.


    Today and ever the world is yours

To explore and to find new things

But I would be careful in what is

Around you, things can go a

Different way.

There are going to be people bigger

Than you and people are going to be

People smaller than you.

Some will knock you down and

Some will help you up

But don't let the people

Who knock you keep you down

Get to you, Get up and show them who you are

And that you are not afraid

Because if you show them that you are

Afraid then they will knock you down more

( put you more underground)

And the people who will help you up

Those people you should know those people

You can trust.
It is your world, make good friends

Have a happy life, and if someone is giving you a hard time

Go to a parent or a teacher because

Their the ones you can trust, the ones that will be there for you,

You can also ask your friends for help

And you can always go to you friends

With your problems because they will help

You and if not then go to a adult so they can help you

The world is yours to explore but also be careful of

The people that are out there some of them are mean,

Some of them are nice, and some of them

Will do bad things, please

Don't do bad things you could die from

Most of them, you

Can get hurt.

    The world is yours.




The Beginning of a New Life

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:07

Dear world,

    There was a baby that was given the gift of life today. Some say it’s going to become a famous writer. Other say it’s going to be the first girl to ever be the president of the United States of America. I think it’s going to be the first person that can over power with her unique brain the one thing no one thinks is possible. The mind the causes murders. She looks like she will be a doctor for the brain. How? Some may ask. Well she has blond hair so blond that it looks white and it’s crazy and everywhere. It looks like Albert Einstein's hair and even just being born today she is a smart child.


Dear Baby Girl

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:03

Dear Baby Girl,

I want you to know that you may not love everything about this world. There is evil on every corner. There is hate in every heart. You will want to scream, you will want to cry, you will want to be a different person. You will be judged on everything you are, and everything you do. You will always be worth less than a man, even if you do the most work. Your height, your age, your hair colour, the size that you are will become you. But, baby girl, it is not you. Grow up to be someone who changes the world for the better. Fight for what you believe in. Make this sad world happy once again. Be someone's hero. 


Its Part of Our Culture We Have to Accept It

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:01

Hello young one,

I'm here to tell you about the world you have just entered

It is a wonderful world you are in

Full of laughs and fun

You will be happy, you will be sad

There will be people who try to bring you down

But in the end, it is a wonderful world

We as a whole are a culture

Moving as one

Our faces may differ

But we are all the same

Do the things you want, and be who you want to be, because in the end

Its part of our culture and we have to accept it.




Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 14:00

Dear Baby,
You are now entering a new and exciting world with all sorts of twists and turns. There
are two sides to the world you now live in. There is a sunshine, happy place and a stormy, sad
place. But you get to choose where you belong. You get to choose what kind of friends you will
have, what you will do for yourself and what kind of person you would like to be. And never let
anyone make those decisions for you. Never let anyone decide your friends, what is good or
bad for you and what kind of person you are. You are you and you are leading your own path!

When you walk down the street, you may see things that you weren’t prepared for. For
example you may see a homeless woman bundled in a plaid, thin blanket with a few half empty
grocery bags laying around her, that just makes your heart cry. You may see a man buying red
roses for his wife for an anniversary present, that just, makes your heart sing. You may meet
bullies who try and knock you down. Who try to make you miserable and make you want to just
give up. But you will also meet people who make you the happiest person alive. Who just get
you and love you for you. You may disagree with world leaders and try and stop them for what
they are doing to the country. But you may also see decisions being made that you completely
agree in. You may encounter sadness, hope, anger and love. But all of these emotions make
you the person you will turn out to be.

There are also the amazing things in life to look forward to. Like your first rollercoaster
ride. Feeling the wind in your hair with your father screaming, “whooo hoooo” next to you. You
will also experience the amazing taste of mac’n cheese and how satisfying that taste really is.
You may also have the enjoyable moments of being curled up on a couch wrapped in a blanket,
watching Mean Girls, trying to throw and catch popcorn in your mouth with the person who
completes you. You will experience sleepovers and laughing with a box of pizza and your best
friends in the entire world. You will experience failure and the feeling of dusting yourself up and
trying again.The world is an exciting and devastating the world can really be…

Best Wishes,
A Friend in the Future

A Writing From My Journal

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:59

Hi my name is Jaydalyn.   Today I am going to write stuff in my journal.  Hope you like it.

The Sleeping Girl  

The girl was sleeping in the dark. She had her pilow and her blankie.  She was reading.  She was dreaming about the book and vines on it.  She had a tank top on.  She actually had two pilows.  She was so tired from work.  She had to go back to work tomorow.  That's why she was getting a good sleep.  The book had vines on it because her dad use to have the book.  She brought it home. When she opened the book there were vines in the book.  That's how she knew the girl's name was Emma.  She has brown hair.  Her hand is out of the blanket.  It is really dark.  She got a spell in her book.  Her blanket is light pink.  The next day she went to her work.  Her work was at the school.  She was the teacher at the school.  Her head was on the table.  She also is in Germany.  She loves Germany because all of the best food she likes is mac and cheese.  "Yummy," she says. THE END

Thanks for your time.

The World In My Eyes

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:55

Dear, newborn baby you now live in a huge and sometimes crazy world. Everone lives in a diffferent climate. Some are cold and some are warm. Some are mountanious and others are flat. You were born at a pretty crazy time right now. To me it feels like everyone is engrosed in politics. You will eventually understand why. You will grow to find that the planet earth is a busy place. Everyday different things happen. Tornadoes come and go, tearing everything in their path. Winter storms fall, freezing the earth beneath them. People protest in the streets, against laws put in place that they don't like. People believe different things, and grow up differently. I like the world because every person has their own unique culture.

I think you will find that as you grow up you will see the world differently. Depending on how you look at it the world and people in it can be good or bad. Everyone has a different background. Wherever you were born just remember that when you grow up to be a good person. I advise you to if you can go to school, and stay in it. Work your hardest and don't give up.  



New baby

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:53

             Hello new baby,

             Today I must tell a few things about life you might not like it but these are the facts and you have to learn so you don't get hurt in the future. First things first you will always have support and you will be given endless amounts of love this comes from your family, it might be a loud and crazy family but you will never want another family. In this family nobody gets left behind, we are always there for each other through the amazing times and through the tough times. Even if you manage to do something wrong they will always love you and they will try to help you figure out what you need to do to get through it, and you will also have endless amount of support wherever you go, whether it's looking for a college or trying to get a job, or trying to buy a house of your very own, somebody will always be there for you.

     Secondly, try not to anything stupid don't go out drinking when you're underage, always wear a seatbelt because that can determine life and death. Don't go out and party on school nights even though all your friends are you need to study so you can get a really great job and buy your own house, you are allowed to party on weekends just within the limits your family sets. Don't give your mother a lot of attitude, she brought you into this world she can take you out of it, if she is telling you to get off your phone and socialize with other people don't be rude just get off your phone and socialize with other people. Don't be a bully at school, if you're having a bad day don't go and tear somebody else down just to make yourself happy go and talk to a family member. If you wouldn't want anybody saying things like that to you don't say it to them.

      Thirdly, just be careful with your choices your life could end in an instant, or one of your family members life could end at any moment. Live life to the fullest but follow your mother's rules. Your choices determine your future and if you want your future to be happy and good then listen to the rules but still be happy. But if you want your life to be terrible and saddening then go ahead don't listen to anything I just said and go be reckless. But whatever you do enjoy your life.

                                                                                Love your sister


Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:43

Dear Weston,

I’m writing this letter so you can be better equipped for the challenges in life.
Weston life isn’t going to be easy in fact it’s quite the opposite. Life is messy. Some
days you’ll be down and you won’t know if you can get back up and it’s up to you to
decide what to do. Some people in this world are always looking at things positively.
They’re the glass half full type of people. They’ll always tell you to be happy for what
you have and sometimes you’ll get angry at them because that’s easier said than done.
Then there’s people in this world that if you complain to them they’ll just tell you to go
and kill yourself. Happy thought right? They’re the glass half empty type of people. You’ll
also get angry at them because when they tell you that you’ll know you can’t kill yourself
so you have to stop complaining. Then there’s people in this world who won’t tell you
anything they’ll look at you and nod. They will also angry you because they just stand
there and do nothing with their lives. You can’t really tell what kind of glass they have.

Weston life can also be confusing because you never really know what’s going to
happen next and how it’s going to happen. You’ll make all these plans and dreams for
life but to tell you the truth they’re probably not going to happen. Those dreams and
plans will disappear and you’ll probably just create new ones. It’s a never ending cycle
until you finally realize it’s hopeless and your dreams and plans are useless. Not a very
happy thought. But that’s the thing Weston life isn’t full of happy thoughts. You see
Weston what I’m trying to tell you is that life is rough and ugly but you have to decide
who you want to be. I’m not going to tell you who you have to be because you’ll have
enough people doing that to you already. All I’m saying Weston is that you have to
decide who to be. Nobody else can. You can be positive, negative, or even do nothing
with your life. You can be none of that too. It’s up to you and only you. That’s probably a
lot of pressure for a little baby but if you read this when you’re older than you’ll be ready
for this. Good luck.

Sincerley, Your Cousin

Now you know the truth

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:42

My little child, I hoped to spare you the troubles i had brought with me, you will always remain the most important thing in my heart. I will be watching you with the resources i have, helping you even though you do not know it. Your father was the only one who ran away, when he figured out who i was, he left me. He was an honorable man however. He served in the United Earth government before it was overthrown. We live in a time of Space travel. You are on Earth, the capitol of the United Planetary Alliance. I have connections which will pay for your education, and the best colleges. When you were born, the doctors tested you and you had the mind of a college graduate. Because of this, you may be bullied at your schools, these bullies you will have to take care of yourself. But always remember my little Alex, I will always love you, I will always be watching, And I hope that you will understand once you find out the truth. Goodbye, my son.


Dearest Child

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:40

Welcome to the World

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:38

There has been a child born, but not just any child. A preemie boy. Born at only 26, of his
40 weeks, or 6 of the 9 months. So small, his bicep is the size of your index finger, his hand the
size of the tip of your pinky. Weighing only 2.3 lbs, this angel is remarkable. He can breath, not
on his own though, he is on an oxygen machine that pumps oxygen into his lungs through a
tube in his nose. He drinks breast milk, as most infants do if their mother decides to breastfeed.
He also can’t do that on his own, there is a much smaller tube going down his esophagus into
his stomach. This extremely small child was born so early due to a different blood type then his
mother. Therefore causing her body to reject him. This is uncommon, however it’s not rare. Most
infants don’t do this well, the stop their heart when they get cold, when they don’t get enough
attention they can sometimes even die, which is really sad but it’s true. All of this information
isn’t just things that are made up, this child is actually a real boy. My nephew. He was born like
this. Most babies that are born this early are born Chemically Dependant, they often don’t do as
well. However if they are put in the right care then they can make it and grow up almost as
normally as babies who are born on time. Even some children who are born on time can be
Chemically Dependant. In this time period it happens more and more often that children are
being born needing more help then they should need, but sometimes all they need is a good
doctor and love.

Welcome to the new world

Submitted by Writer on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:34

              Dear Baby, 


       Welcome, your're probably crying right now and if I were you, I would be too. This world is full of amazing things, but sometimes you just want to crawl into a hole and cry. I'm going to fill you in on a couple of things that are happening right now and some advice you should know. 

1. Donald Trump is president. Now, Donald Trump is a good man (in some peoples opinion). Some people may dissagree with you and thats okay. Everybody has their political views and you may not want to dissagree with people about him. People who like him can tear you down in one second. You will either be 4 or 8 when he is done and you may not understand it and thats okay. I still don't really understand politics. 

2. Beyonce is having twins. Okay, so this woman Beyonce is amazing. She has very powerful messages and I'm sure if you google her and listen to her music you will love her forever. You may hear the song "Single Ladies" come on once and a while, and when you do. You will dance until you can not dance no more to that song. Just if you have a boyfriend and she tells you to "put your hands up" I would reccomend you not to. Your boyfirned may be staring at you making sure you do not put those hands up. 

3. While were on the topic of boyfriends and being single. I would not worry about having a boyfriend until your at least in high school. That is the last thing to be worrying about. Also it gets really annoying when a 6th grader is telling you that they're upset because you don't have a boyfriend. 


                                                                     I hope you will grow older with a happy, sucessfull life.