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Thanks for Writes Day 2017!

Submitted by admin on Sat, 02/04/2017 - 10:05

A big thanks from  Young Writers Project for all the energy and imagination and fun you shared on this site, on on this, one of the most successful Vermont Writes Days ever. 

We've closed the site, but please go to to do some more writing. If you don't have an account, apply for one and we'll get back to you soon when we activate the account. (We check all applications to ensure that kids or adults we know are the only ones who have access to that community!)

TEACHERS and students please take a look at the 2017 Participants on the right to see if your school is included in the list. If it isn't please send an email to to tell us your school, # of participants and a picture, if you have it! THANKS!
The best work from Vermont Writes Day will be featured in a special edition of our monthly digital magazine,!

Be well. And keep on writing!

To remind you, here were this year's prompts, suggested by a handful of community members on (thanks, gang):

  • Bad: Write from the perspective of an antagonist. How did he or she become the "bad guy" (bully, thief, villain)? What's the backstory?
  • Knew: Use this phrase at the beginning or ending of your piece: "I just knew..."
  • Letter: A baby was born today. Write a letter to introduce this child to the world as you see it.
  • Object: Write a story or poem inspired by your character(s) discovering a mysterious object in a thrift shop or flea market.
  • Pickle: Include the following words in a story or poem: callous, pickle, spell, snail, firefighter.
  • Siren: What does the sound of a siren make you think of? What is happening? Are they coming for you? Or your character?
  • Smartphone: Do you ever feel like throwing your smartphone as far away as you can? Why? And what happens next...?
  • General: Write about anything--in any genre or style!


Submitted by admin on Mon, 02/01/2016 - 16:54

Click WRITE and make sure to choose Free as your Writes Day 2016 Tag.

Notice the 'DO YOU WISH TO HAVE THIS PIECE CONSIDERED FOR PUBLICATION?' menu. If you do, open the menu and fill in the required info. Personal info will be kept private.