You've walked past this sign for years. One day, it seems to be calling you inside -- and the adventure begins. Tell the story.

Spaghetti Story

 Oh when I walk past that Spaghetti and it seems to be calling me so I sit And I odor some spaghetti. So I am eating and All I hear in my head is the song. I want Spaghetti all covered with cheese........ The next day I walk by the same sign and I wonder If it is trying to tell me something. So I am staring at the sign when the owner comes along and says" What are you doing boy". I do not know what to say, so I say nothing and keep walking. When I get Home I think and think until I got! It represents any food( person) can do anything or be anything. I walk into school that day and I tell bullies to back and ask my friends to come with me after school to go somewhere.......After school we are walking to my house and we see the sign and they ask what does it mean? I say whatever you think it means, next we sit down and think and I repeat the Question. What does the sign mean to you.\?


I love spaghetti.       It is so good because I love the butter on yummy noodles with sauce but NO meatballs. 

I hate meatballs even though I love beef I just Hate the icky smell and taste.  I really like this dinner when I am on my couch 

watching TV and eating this stuff. It is very yummy and I think this is a great family dinner too. When I think spaghetti I think

Parmesan CHEESE.  When I put this stuff on my spaghetti I fall in LOVE. It is like a FLAVOR BOMB just went off in my mouth,

it's just like flavor HEAVEN. I've loved spaghetti all my life and I will keep eating it for the rest of my life.


The Spaghetti

Joe was a 17 year old dwarf who lived underground with his mother and father. One day Joe was about to have his favorite meal of spaghetti at the local restaurant and his dad was going to meet him and his mom there, their food was being brought to their table when suddenly the spaghetti sprang out of the bowl and started terrorizing the customers starting with his mother, with a burst of adrenaline Joe grabbed his father and sprinted out the door, he then realized his one crucial mistake HIS MOM WAS STILL IN THERE. He thought to himself I have to save her if I don't she will never buy me spaghetti ever again. (Yes the first thing on his mind was food just like normal) He and his father started thinking because they had to devise a plan quick enough so that his mom wouldn't be very angry and still buy him spaghetti and his father was being foolish or so he though by actually thinking about his mother's safety rather than just her ability to buy them food. Joe decided that he would have to try to climb in through the vents while his father walked in the front door as a distraction, Joe would then let down a rope climb down it and start eating the spaghetti monster, the only thing his father had to do was walk in and beg for his beautiful wife Angeline back hope that the monster would do a evil laugh and be too distracted by the pleading man to notice a young 17 year old boy start eating him because if the monster saw Joe eating him that  was sure to be the end of Joe and the people's last hope for survival. The entire underground dwarf world was relying on Joe to manage to eat the spaghetti monster, previously if you had asked Joe if he could eat a spaghetti monster without it realizing he would have confidently said "yes, of course I could how would it be difficult to eat my favorite food?" But now in the face of a dangerous spaghetti monster who was about to eat his mother he was not so sure anymore. While I have been distracting you and the spaghetti monster Joe has been crawling through the vents getting ready to climb down and eat the spaghetti monster. Joe could feel it, he was nearly at the right vent cover he just had to crawl a couple more yards, he found the right vent cover slowly took it off and put it inside the vent with him grabbed his rope from his backpack and then...

The Spaghetti Sign

"Hi! I don't know who you are listening to me narrating this story but my name is AJ, I know my name is only 2 letters but I think it's cool, so I'm here to tell you to a story on spaghetti, that sounds really boring but it isn't, okay, now let's get on to the story."  

Hi you're inside my head now, so you can 'hear' all my thoughts, that sounds creepy actually now that I'm thinking about it, get it? Okay back to the story, so I usually walk past this sign right and I don't mind it, but then one day it isn't there anymore, and then I'm all like "Put that sign back up..."  But then they were all like "Get out of here, and never come back you 'NUT'!!" So here I am right now standing here at the bus station in the rain waiting for the bus, I bet you were hoping for something...Happier, but this is my life so yeah my life is about cheese, TV, ramen, and Jennifer Lopez, so I have a great life, huh?     So right now I'm going to school right now and it's raining out, I love my life so much,  oh my god they put the sign back on the restourant, I'll go inside, and I did and till this day I go in there before school.  

Spaghetti and One Big Meatball

I have seen this sign SO MANY times, and not once have I stopped and ate the Spaghetti. After see it so many times, I figured I'll try it. Walking in, the restruant seemed to be a little run down, the shades were stained, the plates were dirty and the worst thing was that the forks were rusty. I ordered Spaghetti with one big meatball on top. When my food came, it looked good. So, I tried my first bite... The first thing that came to my minded while eating it was, this was the BEST Spaghetti I've ever had. I really could not think of a time when I had better food then I was eating. When I left, I thought to myself, I will never say or think anything bad about this place. When I woke up the next say, I already knew what I was having for lunch.

Spaghetti With Bacon

Hi, my name is Sarah and I absolutly HATE spaghetti. Why? I don't know. It's just so slimy and wierd. Eating spahetti is like eating a bowl of worms. It's the only food I don't like. I love all foods from brussel sprouts to pears. Everything except spaghetti. Everyday, I walk past this wierd sign on my way to and from school. It says SPAGHETTI in glowing neon letters. I always walk quickly past, so I don't smell the musty smell of spaghetti. Yesterday, I was walking home from school just like everyday, but the sign seemed to beckon me inside. It was strange. I suddenly felt the need for spaghetti. So I pushed open the door. It didn't smell like spaghetti, it smelled like bacon. I sat down and ordered a bowl of spaghetti. It was served piping hot, with crumbled bacon. I ate every bite and I loved it! From that day on, spaghetti (with bacon!) was my favorite food!

spaghetti poem

we alwase see it, 

but we never enter

we hear it's good

but we never enter

it alwase smells good

but we NEVER enter

but today felt diffrent

like we alwase should have entered 

but we NEVER enter

there have been rumers about this place

like how we could toss pizza dough ourselfs

but we NEVER enter

then we see something in the paper

'looking for long lost childs, ran away at birth, never to be seen again'

but we still Never enter

or do we?

why can't we enter any wase?

is it because of our past belifes?

or our new ones?

or is it because we alwase procrastanate to the last minute and then finally cave at the last minute?

this is unacapatable

following the rules of modern socitity

trying to fit in and be 'cool' 


we head in .......


Finally, I could not take it anymore.  After seven years, I was going in.  The first thing to hit me was the smell.  Herbs, spices, tomato sauce, smelled just like my grandmother's kitchen from when I was a little boy going into New Haven to spend time with my grandparents.  It almost took my breath away to be reminded of that smell since both my grandparents had been dead for over 20 years.  My knees began to get weak, so I took a seat in the nearest booth.  The waitress came over to me to see if I wanted a menu and would be staying to eat.  I began to say no thank you when I looked back into the kitchen and saw a spitting image of my grandmother in the kitchen in a white apron and her jet black hair held up in a hair net.  If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn it was Nanny Crispi, my grandmother back from the dead.   Upon seeing this, I felt as if I had to at least look at the menu and have a quick beer.  I ordered a Peroni, figuring I would keep the mood of the Italian restaurant, and began to look over the menu.  I saw all the foods I used to eat at my grandparent's house as a boy and began to cry as emotion just overcame me.  I pounded down the beer, left a 20 on the table and ran out to get some fresh air.  Immediately, I went to the cemetery to visit the graves of my Nanny and Poppy.  I laid down for a while and made a pact with myself to go for dinner at the Spaghetti place every Friday night for the next year as tribute to them!   The End  

The Catastrophe

I have walked the same route in the afternoons everyday I always had one curiosity of which that began with a sign. The sign that had been seen endless amounts of times, that stated “SPAGHETTI”. Then I had a thought of what is spaghetti, what is this bewildering subject? Only until I saw a huge, massive, and enormous bowl of the so called spaghetti, of which a young girl was enjoying on a picnic bench along with her family. The object was thin, pale, squirmy looking, and covered with red sauce. The red sauce seemed to have chunks of tomato in it, and there was lots and lots of the sauce. Underneath all of the sauce seemed to be noodles, of which that had been cooked. All I could think is what is this madness, why would you take noodles and dump that disgusting red sauce all over it. I looked around me, and notice that not just one person was eating, everyone was eating it. This was a catastrophe, why would everyone be eating this poison. Although they weren’t just eating the poison they were enjoying it as  well. I walked a way that day, but I never came back to the sign that read “SPAGHETTI”.

Spaghetti Shop

There's a spaghetti shop in town. I haven't really thought about spaghetti. White long skinny noodles, red sweet tomato sauce, and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Every day I walk past the shop wanting to go in, but I never do. I have wanted to try this dish, spaghetti. I want to go in. I cant. There are many other things I want to do in my life, but this is at the top of my list. Spaghetti I want spaghetti. The only thing I want, but I can't go in, I just can't.