You have just been put in charge of the world, but you can only make one rule. What is it and what events or experiences led you to it?

be kindness

Respect the rules of school. Don’t be mean and don’t fight at school. This would be a good rule at school because fighting is not good. We need everyone to be nice at school - it could be special, so special. When someone is nice to each other that means they show kindness, respectful, they share things, and share their smiles and happiness. If I could create one rule for everyone to follow, this would be it.

The Black Box

All I had ever wanted, sat right in the palm of my hand, but what I would do with it? I hadn't a clue. I ran my fingers up and down its pointed edges, for I had never seen such a true black color. I grasped it harder, worried I may drop it and seal my own fait along with the rest of humanity. What shall I do? How could I be held responsible for such a powerful object? Everyone is waiting outside for my coronation to begin, while I stand and dwell on this new chapter. Shouldn’t I be grateful? For there is no greater honor than being crowned ruler over all of the land as far as the eye can see. I must wait to worry, for I still have thirty sleeps before I shall have to make up my mind.

“Behold! Our new Emperor of Majesia!” shouted my fathers slave, Jorge, or should I refer to him as… my new slave. I steadily pushed through the drape and held my head as far in the air as I could, looking as though I knew exactly what my plans were for our union. It seemed almost funny to think no one really knew what I was considering doing. I grabbed a hold of the armrest of my new throne, and lowered myself into it. The velvet was soft and I sank into the foam of the chair. Out of the corners of my eyes I could see the rubies and emeralds encrusted all around my torso, as another servant engraved my name into the top of my seat. My hands were sweating, I imagined intending to lift the box and having it slip from my hands, falling straight to the ground. I clenched my eyes shut from the thought, and tried to think of happier things.

After the coronation was over, I slowly began to go over a timeline of my life in my head. How could my father leave me with such a duty? He was everything to me, he knew I would do anything to please him, but this? It began to become more of a terrifying thing the more I wondered about it. Would they all be dead instantly? Or would it take much more torture and what would seem like never ending time, to lower them into the depths of hell? I couldn’t do this, but I knew I would have too. I had to open the box. Every evil thing had been captured in this small object for the past billions of years, but it held the key to hell, and I needed this to retrieve father. For in thirty sunsets his soul would be fully demonized.


Rule; 1000 IQ plays

My one rule would be that everyone in the world gives me one cent a month. That transfers to about 76 million dollars a month. That means I'm making 19 million dollars a week, and 4,750,000 a day. I think with this money, I could invest it into things like charity and matters that require attention. I could also use it to start improving conditions in third world countries and other things. I also could help myself personally and my family too. Overall, it would be a good way to make money and I really wouldn't have to work ever again. I could hand some over to my close friends and other people. I think that with other laws already set wouldn't have a huge effect. If everyone, even those in poverty, gave me a cent, I would return it by investing millions of dollars in to charity homes and other places that could help those in poverty. It's a way to pay back really. I think this could also help with the wealth gap between those who are really rich and those who aren't, because people in poverty would be given chances to get back on their feet.


The one rule everyone has to follow is to follow no rules.


This paradox confuses everyone and they cannot handle it. If you follow no rules then you are breaking the rule of following no rules but if you follow rules you are breaking the rule of following no rules. Infinity people have died because their head exploded because the couldn't figure out the rule because If you follow no rules then you are breaking the rule of following no rules but if you follow rules you are breaking the rule of following no rules. YEP!


My name is Yasmin Aden and I have been placed as the queen of the world. As the queen of the world, I am able to make one rule that applies to everyone. So if you are rich or if you are poor you still have to follow my rule. Now I bet you are wondering what this rule is and why I want it to be a rule that everyone has to follow well I will tell you. The one rule that everyone has to follow is that there is peace in the whole world. I choose peace because there are wars happening everywhere in the world, and it won't stop till we all realize that with peace there wouldn't be all these people dying. They need to know that violence isn't the only answer. They need to know that fighting fire with fire will just make an even bigger fire. But if they only realized this at the beginning of time we wouldn't have all these wars and all these people dying. I choose peace because it's the right thing to do, I could of choose that I get all the money in the world. Or every McDonalds has to be free, But if I choose that the world wouldn't be a better place. I know that peace won't solve problems like climate change or police brutality, but I do know that if we start with peace the world would be just a little better. That's why I choose peace.

A Trip to my Friends House

It was just a normal day I was heading to my friend Trace's house. I was about to turn a corner when suddenly I heard a scream, it was coming from across the street my first instinct was to run. "Heeeelllllpppp they screamed, I decided to check it out I slowly walked towards it. There was a boy with slit wrists and was laying on the ground. I rand towards him hesitating to pick him up. I decided to call the police. "911 whats your emergency," "I found a boy in the woods with slit wrists." " WHAT IS YOUR LOCATION," "The place near Rennabol street," I tell them, They hang up. I decide to wait and not pick him up. When the police came I got praised for not running, they asked me a lot of questions but it was fine. the president heard it on the news and wanted to take action. He said I could have one wish. I decided I would want the U.S.A to give up half its supply and give it to all the countries evenly. The president had to do it so yeah. Better than a trip to my friend's house. And if you are wondering what happens to the boy he recovered in the hospital but the police are still working on the case.

My Rule

I’m in charge 

The world is mine

i think this will be just fine

if I had to make a rule

i’d say if you’re able

you can refrain from being stable

If you are able and you are stable then you’re the ruler



I think that bully's should be punished and this is why, bullying at school has attracted an enormous amount of attention, spurring academic studies and popular books, regulations, and training sessions for educators. By now its status as a serious problem is widely acknowledged, as it should be. We can never go back to the days when bullying was regarded as a boys-will-be-boys rite of passage, something that victims were left to deal with and suffer from alone.


So i just been put in charge of the world(earth) by mother Moon, father Sun and mother nature earth. But i'm not alone i have Sol my brother and Tierra. And my rule was no big war, Sol’s was no hunger for anyone, Tierra’s was respect Plants and Animals.


I am Danielle Ives, now leader of the world, I have been given the opportunity to make ONE very very special rule for the whole entire world to follow. My rule that I have chosen to make is that everyone has to be nice to each other an never any fighting. I am beyond sick of all the fighting that has been going through this world. I think that everyone should get along and be nice to each other and you don´t have to be friends you just have to be kind. Thank you very much and I hope you guys follow this rule.