You have just been put in charge of the world, but you can only make one rule. What is it and what events or experiences led you to it?


You have just been put in charge of the world, but you can only make one rule. What is it and what events or experiences led you to it?

A rule for "no" rules

As I step up to the podium, the butterflies in my stomach go away. I have just been elected "leader of the world", by everyone, with no votes against me. I know exactly where my beliefs lie, and I am confident in the speech I prepared. I begin power, but fairness, radiating from my voice. "My life has always rules. My parents, teachers, friends and even society itself, has always had rules. Always saying; "no, because that's the rule." No going outside after dark. No throwing chairs at people you don't like. No, is always followed by another, no, and another, or even maybe an "absolutely not," but always a rule. People in fancy philosophy books can claim all that they want about humans having total free will, but I will never agree. Beginning at the moment I was able to have conscious thought, I have been pressured by rule after rule. No, after no, do this after do that. While I will never be able to change the fact that society will always push an endless amount of rules on people, I can tell you, that as your new "ruler of the world" I will not force any rules in your veins, or any bogus philosophy down your throats, as that breaks my belief that people should have free will and choice. Of course, I will have limitations. Any current laws in place preventing things like homicide, theft, and other natural immoral things, will continue to be enforced, I promise, I will not make anything new that will jeopardize your free will and free thought. Thank you." I step down and allow applause, then, I turn to walk away. Giving a speech after all always takes a lot of energy out me.

The King's Rule

The king roil. I am king of the world and I should get whatever I won't and no won can stop me my king you can ole make one rule want well I don't know want the rule I know a big ice cream but that want help anyone I know I want some thing but the people need some thing it will be to stop and we will build homes for the home lis and they will have a home. the end

The one rule you must follow is to follow no rules.

The one rule you must follow is to follow no rules. 

If you follow the rule of not following any rules than you are breaking the rule of not following any rules, but if you don't follow the rule of following no rules, than you are following rules, which would break the rule of not following any rules. So either way you're breaking the one rule you have to follow. People's heads could probably explode from thinking about this problem a lot. Logicists have spent more than 10 years thinking about this problem. Yep! Don't think about this too much!

The Rule

A dream, after years of hard work

I finally made it, the leader of the

World. The top gun, big cheese.

Even though it’s only been a tiny

Part of the process and thought

I’ve put into this job, choosing my

One rule to apply too the rest of

The world. Most leaders choose a

Humanities law, but I am undecided.

The memories come rolling back

Hundreds of cold nights dreaming

Of what to choose, no decisive

Answers time, and time again.

I waste days of work by jotting down,

Idea after idea. Tired, exhausted by

the relentless recurrence of this thought.

Finally i get to sleep and I pray for “the

Rule” to be revealed to me. And alas

It was.


THE Rule

  It's happened.....I have become the ruler of the world and I want to be as succinct as possible about laws.  In other words, I think about what rule could really be easy to understand and cut right to the point for most people.   Well, if I was in charge I think the rule that I would want to attempt to govern with is this:  JUST BE NICE.  

  I have seen it on many bumper stickers and it strikes something with me.  I am a very no nonsense person, enormously practical and I tend to try to get right to the point in as few words as possible.  That is why I think this simple rule works for me.  It covers so much at once and it seems to me that this rule would make the world a better place and eliminate much of the conflict we see on a daily basis.  

  Of course, we would have to probably educate people on what being nice means- which might be more complicated than I think but if we could find a way to ingrain kindness, generosity and compassion and empathy  into every human being, I bet we would find that the world became a simpler place.  

The rule for everyone (are getting insane)

What would happen if you could make up a rule, a rule for the whole world to follow, what rule would you choose to make a reality? Would you choose world peace, everyone would choose world peace. So someone did choose world peace, well in an interesting way. If there is any sexism, or racism seen by an authority figure it is stopped immediately which sounds great but this one time at school, this teacher at school, Mr.John are gym coach said we should play a girls versus boys dodgeball game not only did he get a teacher suspension but we got dismissed from gym for the week (and it's Monday!) So anyway this kid also said you look like poop which some seirus racism for a third grader.    Anyway that's are school right now bye!

I'll try to keep you posted.


if i had to choose one rule then i would choose that no one can do eny thing remotely bad meaning everyone is peaceful and happy.

free college

If I had to create one rule for the whole world it would be to have free college every where. Because college is so expensive and not many people like to go to college but have to go to college. also They need a better job to support their living so why make them pay it just does not make any sense. I just think some stuff in college should cost money but not every thing. to conclude that is why I think some stuff in college should be free.