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One day out in the west I saw ride my horse name 51. When I saw
ride my horse, I saw sume rich people out ride in there bouge in the outside
of the town.

Magic Always Has a Price.

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The knife shakes in my hand. My enemy lays at my feet, out cold. This is it! This is what I’ve been waiting for my entire…


I was good once...I can hardly remember. 

But I do.

I start to flash back... I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!

I don't have time for weakness...


Too late...


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Dannie sat on the couch his eyes glued to his screen. He hits the fire button “Bang bang bang” He is on a roll but then the screen goes black. Danie hits the home button 2 and then he sies the charge symbol, “what!! I was just about to win the game.”  he bunches his Iphone screen pretty hard, “Awwe!” that hurt a lot more than I thought it would. Dannie stands up of choch his head starts to spin a little and he sits back down for a minute. He had been playing on his phone for nearly 4 hours straight with not one break. Maybe I should just through my phone away  or take a break from it he thought to himself. The next day he comes down the stairs and looks towards the small table by the kitchen entrance where he keeps his phone. There it was just where it usually is. He walks to the kitchen and sits down with a bowl of cereal at the counter. “Ding” dannie look towards his phone and starts to sit up to get it but than remembers what he had promised to himself the other day about not touching it for a whole day. “Ding ding” dannie focusses himself the his cereal but his thought kept coming back to his phone. What if someone is having a part, or got a new phone. Maybe all just take a small peak and then be done.


Ball Is Life

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Ball is life. Basketball just gives life a whole new meaning. There is something new to learn about basketball every day. You could be complete trash at basketball but, it is still fun to play. The sport is easy to learn if you have an experienced player helping you out. Nowadays you could even use the internet to learn how to play the game and learn the rules. I'm pretty sure almost everyone has heard the saying 'ball is life', this is true for me and lots of countless others. 

I Just Knew it was Going to Happen

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I just knew it was going to happen. The howling wind blowing persistently at the branches and trees. The greenish color of the sky changing the mood of the day from happy and bright to scared, uncertain, and uneasy. It was a given.

Out of all the people in town, I was the only one who suspected it. Everyone thought the bright, sunny and cheerful day would just turn into a rainstorm. Nothing more, nothing less. Even the weathermen had no clue it would come. The only hint they gave to something more extreme was "very mild flood warnings." In the past, these warnings have only ever resulted in the river rushing at a different pace, hiding the large rocks below, looking like it could sweep me away in a milisecond. But nothing more, nothing less. 

Everyone just continued on with their day. Mothers pushing their babies in strollers, children playing in the sandbox, pet owners walking their dogs. Everyone went inside when the rain started to come but continued with their daily schedules. Nothing more, and nothing less.

But then I heard, I knew it would come. I prepared by hiding in the basement where there was no glass or large bookshelves to cause any harm. I brought food and water down with me, because I knew it would be long. When I started to heal the wind howl, I crawed in the corner and put my hards over my head, just to be safe. I tried to convince my family to come down with me, but they didn't belive me. They thought I was crazy.

"It's only supposed to be a rainstorm," said my father, "nothing more, nothing less."

But he was wrong. They were all wrong. For it was something more, much more. I feared that hiding in the basement wouldn't be good eough protection, even with the cement walls that appeared indestructible. But it was my only option. I prayed, hoping that my family and I would be safe.

Suddenly, the wind picked up. The trees outside were flailing as if they were a boxer losing a fight. They lost the battle and started to fall over, crushing houses and cars. The rain poured over the roof faster than ever before. I plugged my ears, but it didn't cover up the screams I heard from upstairs. I heard a bookshelf fall. I started to cry. If only they had listened to me. It continued on for hours more. I still hid in the basement. My teeth chattering, I was scared to death.

When it stopped, I walked upstaris, into a new, terrifying world.

The hurricane was devistating. It destyed all of the houses on our street. I didn't see any others moving around. Tears were streaming down my face, I was devistated. Everything was lost. No one was outside. No mothers pushing their babies, children playing in the sandbox, or pet owners walking their dogs. I was lucky I stayed alive, but I was all alone. I didn't know what to do. If only they had listened. I just knew it was going to happen, that it was coming, that it was something so much more than expected. But I was the only one that believed the truth. If only they listened, we all would have been saved.    

I Just Knew...

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I just knew, by the way her head was bent down, by the way her
her smile was a frown, she was lonely.
I just knew, by the way he walked, the way he talked, he thought
he was all that and everything more.
I just knew, by the way she smiled, by the way she laughed, she
was in happy for the first time in forever.
I just knew, by the way he looked at him, by the way he listened
to every word the other said, he was in love with him.
I just knew, by the way she her said her name, by the way she
walked away, she was done for good.
I just knew, by the way he wouldn’t let go, by the way his tear
wouldn’t stop, he wasn’t just going on vacation.
I just knew, by the way she fell to her bed, by the way she help
her head, the world as she knew it, has ended.
I just knew, by the way he drove home with the feeling of
heartbreak in his chest, this wouldn't be just another drive home.
I just knew, by the way she didn’t answer her door, by the way
she didn’t say anymore, she has fallen asleep.

what makes a smartphone smart

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smartphones aren't smart if smartphones were smart they wouldn't need us to function without us they are useless.












The Illuminati already rule the world

The Abridged Evolution of Sarah Mulhaney

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Sarah Mulhaney never did much to attract the hatred of other people when she was young. She behaved as people wanted her to. She brushed her teeth. She did her homework. She kept up with the current styles, never seriously enough to seem pretentious but never letting herself fall behind. If you saw her face once in a hallway, you'd likely forget it after looking away; after a few minutes' conversation with her, you might say to yourself, "What a nice girl. I hope she does all right," and after that think no more of the encounter, or of Sarah Mulhaney, ever again. 

In fact, by the time she entered high school, Sarah had become so very forgettable, such a proper and unobjectionable, and therefore unmemorable, creature that it seemed to her even her friends must be forsaking her. Emily Rylance, whom she'd been best friends with since before either of them could walk or talk, had suddenly become obsessed with a boy in the eleventh grade and spent far too much time talking about him to have any thoughts to spare for Sarah. Her teachers looked at her busily working and thought, "Hmm. She'll do all right." Nobody thought of including her in extracurricular activities because they simply didn't remember that she might want to do them. And indeed she was an unremarkable creature, mousy-haired and straight-toothed, not tall enough to stand out or short enough to be remarkable. She did not often share the contents of her head, so nobody thought much of what must be going on behind that forehead and that fringe of forgettable bangs. It must surely, they thought, have been something very proper and academic and unoriginal. If they thought of what went on in Sarah's head at all.

They could not have been more wrong. Sarah Mulhaney's head was a factory of activity. Thoughts rushed back and forth, were interrupted on their journeys to go in completely different directions. Her mind was never at rest, and not a single one of those slights her teachers or Emily or her other classmates inflicted on her went forgotten or unnoticed. They boiled up in the back of her head silently as Sarah went from class to class, thanked her teachers, practiced the piano, did her homework, and slept. They whispered away at her until she found herself whispering away with them herself. 

And above all this, Sarah was growing to have an awful susupicion that she was not really such a good person as she thought after all. The fury that made the blood pound in her ears when she saw an upset classmate could not have been natural: she was supposed to pity them when they were unhappy, wasn't she? And the way she could smile disarmingly at Emily as she listened to that barricade of chatter about Irving Reilly the eleventh grader, but in reality be imagining snapping Emily's neck. Or the way the knives she passed on the counter, lying there harmlessly, unused, stuck in her head and refused to go away. 

The knives kept on haunting Sarah. She tried to shake them away, to think about cupcakes and wedding dresses and homework instead, but the knives she passed on the counter, the thoughts that flitted through her head whenever she had to listen to Emily Rylance, would loom up again. And again. And again. Sarah Mulhaney began to think she would be willing to do anything to get rid of these fantasies. 

Sarah was in tenth grade when the really brilliant idea struck her. The most powerful passion, after all, as anyone who has read romance will tell you, is a love or obsession unrequited. And could that really be what all this was? The knives and the hating and the sneaking urge to fire-bomb the school? Everybody was who they were, after all, and trying to deny it, trying to be somebody that you weren't, was no use. Sarah knew this better than anybody---hadn't she, for years and years and years, been the sweet, unobjectionable girl everybody wanted? And what good had it done her? None! That was how much. Nobody knew she was different now and people were supposed to notice changes. 

Sarah Mulhaney came out of her house one morning in the October she was sixteen with two things. One of them was a fierce resolve to do whatever she had to. And the other one was a serrated bread knife from the kitchen pantry. Her mother had left it out on the cutting board, blissfully unaware of the uses Sarah had fantasized for it. 

She reached the school early and smiled at Mr. Poundridge, her English teacher last semester. 

"Hello, Sarah!" Mr. Poundridge said brightly. He looked at her backpack, which was noticeably heavier than usual. "Big exam today?" 

"Yeah," said Sarah with a smile. "I've been studying." She walked on and Mr. Poundridge thought no more of the encounter. But Sarah was fuming. His attitude, his condescension, his smile---it was all wrong. She now hated Mr. Poundridge as much as anybody else in the school. But she was not going to start out with him. 

"Em!" she shouted in the doorway of Emily Rylance's advisory classroom, and Emily looked up. 

"Hey, Sarah. Oh, hey---Irving texted me last night. Actually texted me! Nicola, can you believe it?" She had already turned to the girl next to her to pull out her phone. As Sarah watched, disbelieving, Emily and Nicola began to make giggling noises over the text. It was just a text

"Emily Rylance," Sarah said out loud, more to prepare herself than anything else. "Emily Rylance, you've been my friend for years and years and years." 

"Yeah," Emily said, her eyes flitting up from the phone screen with a hint of wariness. But not the faintest inkling of what Sarah was preparing to do, she thought with satisfaction. 

"And now you're leaving me? For some eleventh grade boy? Called Irving Reilly?" 

"Hey, Sarah ..." Emily was sighing, exasperated now. Still thinking she was the better of the two of them. "Sarah, people move on. Stuff happens." 

"It certainly does," Sarah agreed. And she opened her backpack. And pulled out the knife. 

The newspaper headlines the next day read this: Local Academy Burned to the Ground! Local Student the Culprit, says Sarah Mulhaney, tenth-grade

The text body was long and full of unnecessary exclamations of horror and pity for the traumatized Sarah Mulhaney who had watched her dear friend Emily Rylance go up in flames she had set herself. 

"Emily was really upset when I got to school," the newspaper reported Sarah to have said. "She was crying, actually. More screaming. But upset. She'd had this, I guess kind of argument, with a boy. Irving Reilly." Reilly, another victim of the inferno, was given passing mention in the article as Emily Rylance's unfaithful and cruel boyfriend. The final touch on Sarah's masterfully executed plan. "And then she pulled out this knife and she was screaming, and Nicola Barrengos tried to run away but Emily got her. And then she just---she had matches and she ---" 

At this point the newspaper defers that Miss Mulhaney was so upset she could not continue. 

Later that night, an unremarkable girl with mousy brown hair and a strangely heavy backpack got on the train to New York City. Nobody took any notice of her, even after the train car burned up the following night. 


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Dear Weston,

I’m writing this letter so you can be better equipped for the challenges in life.
Weston life isn’t going to be easy in fact it’s quite the opposite. Life is messy. Some
days you’ll be down and you won’t know if you can get back up and it’s up to you to
decide what to do. Some people in this world are always looking at things positively.
They’re the glass half full type of people. They’ll always tell you to be happy for what
you have and sometimes you’ll get angry at them because that’s easier said than done.
Then there’s people in this world that if you complain to them they’ll just tell you to go
and kill yourself. Happy thought right? They’re the glass half empty type of people. You’ll
also get angry at them because when they tell you that you’ll know you can’t kill yourself
so you have to stop complaining. Then there’s people in this world who won’t tell you
anything they’ll look at you and nod. They will also angry you because they just stand
there and do nothing with their lives. You can’t really tell what kind of glass they have.

Weston life can also be confusing because you never really know what’s going to
happen next and how it’s going to happen. You’ll make all these plans and dreams for
life but to tell you the truth they’re probably not going to happen. Those dreams and
plans will disappear and you’ll probably just create new ones. It’s a never ending cycle
until you finally realize it’s hopeless and your dreams and plans are useless. Not a very
happy thought. But that’s the thing Weston life isn’t full of happy thoughts. You see
Weston what I’m trying to tell you is that life is rough and ugly but you have to decide
who you want to be. I’m not going to tell you who you have to be because you’ll have
enough people doing that to you already. All I’m saying Weston is that you have to
decide who to be. Nobody else can. You can be positive, negative, or even do nothing
with your life. You can be none of that too. It’s up to you and only you. That’s probably a
lot of pressure for a little baby but if you read this when you’re older than you’ll be ready
for this. Good luck.

Sincerley, Your Cousin

Self Defence?

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I had always been an outcast. Someone that people just didn't understand. I was different, a nerd. Scrawny and weak. I had always been smart, and I hadn't really ever wanted anything more than that. Bullying was always something that happened to me. Since third grade I had been tossed around. They never took things too far. Until I got partnered with a bully's -George to be exact- girlfriend, martha. She talked about me to him, said I was smart and seemed nice. That would not do...

The very next day, a swelteringly hot day of late spring, he came. Walked right up to me after school while I was in the bathroom. I saw him in the mirror as I washed my hands. He stood next to me, he said I had gone too far. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. But he didn't believe me. Suddenly he was pushing me, I felt my vision sway as my head hit the tiled wall. My ribs hurt when he hit me, it felt like something cracked inside of me. Suddenly he was choking me, his fingers pressed into my vocals, I tried to breath but I couldn't, my heart was working in overdrive. Suddenly a moment of clarity hit me as my visioned darkened. Who cared I was small, I would make myself big. I would become powerful, strong, no one would ever touch me. My vision blurred and I smiled, smashing my fist into his stomach, again and again, he let me go, puked. I grabbed his throat back, feeling his blood beneath my fingers, my other hand scratching at his face. I felt him fade and finally he slowed. I laughed slowly, throwing up in revulsion at my acts. But I liked what I felt, the power, the strength that I had never felt being the good guy I thought while looking at the blood over my face and in my nails. I understood my bullies. Suddenly I was one, no, never like them. I was better, not just strong, but powerful. Who can beat the smart and strong? The best of both worlds? Suddenly I was bad guy, and I liked that... Oh Ya... I liked that… I laughed as I grabbed a broomstick, going after anyone who ever hurt me, they would all beg,and they would all fall...

Now you know the truth

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My little child, I hoped to spare you the troubles i had brought with me, you will always remain the most important thing in my heart. I will be watching you with the resources i have, helping you even though you do not know it. Your father was the only one who ran away, when he figured out who i was, he left me. He was an honorable man however. He served in the United Earth government before it was overthrown. We live in a time of Space travel. You are on Earth, the capitol of the United Planetary Alliance. I have connections which will pay for your education, and the best colleges. When you were born, the doctors tested you and you had the mind of a college graduate. Because of this, you may be bullied at your schools, these bullies you will have to take care of yourself. But always remember my little Alex, I will always love you, I will always be watching, And I hope that you will understand once you find out the truth. Goodbye, my son.


Dead Phone

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Whether it be the annoying sound you make at six in the morning, or the fact that I can't ever see a text when I receive one because you decided to break out of nowhere and now I have to take the battery out about ten times before you have enough power to do the only  really have which would be to let me use you. Every morning when I try to turn off my alarm you don't light up so I aimlessly try to find the tiny button on the screen that says to shut up. Phone, you are useful but everyday you annoy every inch of my being. You are the worst way to wake up and the most aggravating thing in my life besides a few things. Phone I hate you and everyday I want to throw you into the snow and hope you die completely but for right now I have to wait until I have the rediculous amount of money you cost. I hate you phone.

The Callous Man

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The callous man can't 
But yet the callous man can
Contradict me much? 


The Rarity Of Confidence

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Confidence, I feared, was a myth, a legend that I would never be great enough to see in the light of day,
As if it was something written in a script for Grey's Anatomy, because those people fight for what they believe in.
However I lay in my bed after a power nap with this thing clawing at the back of my head that I've been trying to repress finally comes out.
And it's as if the world had been clouded as if I were living in Seattle where it rains day in and day out.
But Grey's Anatomy was filmed in Seattle and despite the man made confidence memorized and spoken by fake human beings, confidence shown through those clouds like Sun rays on bad days.
I woke up from my deep 30 minute slumber to find that the sun rays were shining brightly through my Seattle clouds but that my confidence was purely confidence and not man made at all.
But probably influenced by Grey's Anatomy as that was the last show I was watching before I fell asleep.
I found confidence to find who I was, fight for what I believed in and take control of the nagging in the back of my head.
Instead of repressing it further and further I took hold of it and made it mine.
In the midst it was the greatest feeling I had ever known and I needed to share that with someone so that maybe someone other than myself could not only feel that incredible feeling but feel it for me.
I needed someone to look at me with confidence and to feel proud that they knew me, that I was making the right decision because I care to highly of what others think of me that my judgement was clouded by other people's acceptance and expectations.
But when I told my world what I had thought of, feeling like the most powerful woman in the world, feeling like I could conquer anything the world threw at me which is rare, I felt mocked.
I felt mocked,
I felt like I had no right to do what I was doing for the sake of someone else's happiness which isn't even at stake.
And now I lay here with nobody fighting for me as I say I am going to bed and I hold my arms up to head to maybe keep it from rolling away because at least I can control not losing my mind.
Tears weld in my eyes and dissipated as the thought of some harsh, rash decision could make it all go away popped into my head.
At least for a second I felt like I had the whole world in the palms of my hands, like I was a superhero, but now I feel the demons coming back to haunt me in the world where no one fights for each other and no one fights for what they believe in.
I am alone with my confidence gone, and demons back and things might turn out okay but right now I am a wreck.


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The sound of sirens remind me of an ambulance on its way to help someone in need. This sound is comforting but also scary. You know someone is hurt and needs medical care immediately but you also know that there are people out there ready to help whenever you need them. These people drop what they are doing in order to respond to the cry for help. From difficulty breathing to a cardiac arrest call, these personals are prepared for anything. The next time you hear sirens, don't feel scared. Think about the person in the driver's seat and pray for their safe arrival on the icy roads. Think about the person who is hurting on that particular day and pray that they get the treatment they need. Sirens are enthusiastic responses to those in need.

Dearest Child

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I Just Knew What I Was

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I just knew they were coming after someone, with the sirens and the loud screeching of tires turning the corner chasing after someone. I live on this road that seems to have a lot of police presences. No one knows why it just started happening one day. I can’t sleep at night with all these sirens that come blazing through my street. It always makes me wonder why these people are getting chased, did they do something bad like stealing or running red lights, but no matter what they always end up on my street.

My day always starts out calm and collected, I take my dog for a walk through the Forest Loop. But as soon as we come back there are sirens that no one can explain except for the criminal. I go to my job working as a waitress at a donut shop, that always gets a lot of police presences. There always talking about the day’s work of catching criminals and I always think to myself “I always wanted this job, but is it worth it?” Yay, that’s right I always wanted to be a police officer since I was alittle girl. When I used to live back in Oregon, my dad would always bring me to his work if it was a calm day around town. But now living in California, things are different, there’s way more police activity up here.

I don’t know people that well i’ve only been living here for 4 months but I have made some friends. But something nobody knows yet about me is that i’ve been the one committing the crimes. I know that seems odd right wanting to be a police officer and committing crimes. But I can explain I commit all these crimes because I want to know how police officers chase people and I think it’s great to see police officers chase people. But I never want to be caught so I blame somebody else for my crimes. I mostly blame the people on my street, they are the most vulnerable to be blamed they have been in jail so much I thought they lived there. Don’t worry,I only commit the minor crimes though. Like running a red light, stealing, breaking an entry and that’s basically it. Those may not be that minor crimes to you but they are to me if you grew up where I grew up.

My life is like a secret diary. I mostly keep to myself and never speak about my secret of my crimes. To tell you the truth I just knew that one day I would end up a criminal. The streets are calm tonight, the wind is slow and the breeze smells of pine trees. I was having my family over for the weekend, for a family gathering, it has been so long since I have seen my family. Everything is going fine, my mom and dad are great and my little sister annoying as always but it’s great to see her again. But none of them no my secret, and I hope they never find out, although it has almost slipped this time.

My family has gone home for awhile and now it’s back to normal days here in California. I have just got somebody else to take the blame for me running a stop sign. “Aren’t I just splendid.” I would always say to nobody in particular. Life was tough for me living alone in a new environment and new place. That’s why I resorted to breaking the law, it’s just life was tough with little to no money and where I live it’s no better, on a street full of criminals. My job is poor pay and it just seems i’m living in a place that no ones seems to like, the roads make these streets dump like. I know I have been telling you about the bad things so now i’ll tell you about the good things. I have made a few friends and I have a job. “That’s a great start right”. People tell me this all the time and I know I have a great life and I appreciate that really, it’s just it’s not how I thought it would be, I thought my life would turn out different than this.

But on a ordinary day I just knew what I was and what was going to happen to me. It was an ordinary day in the day in the life of me Layla Waterson, when suddenly everything went blank to me, it was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt. I was on my way home from work when I noticed it. I just saw it in the window of the jewelry store. I had to have it. But I wasn’t going to go pay for it because I didn’t have the money and I wasn’t going to get caught stealing it either. One thing I knew though was that if somebody else got caught for the steal, somebody I knew I could get the necklace either way from, was the first person I could think of.  Trevor Ramson. We have this little  system, it works great for getting me what I want. But i’m afraid I can’t tell you about that  it is secret information that only me and one of my friends know. Trevor Ramson. How odd right, we have this little secret stealing method that no one knows about except us well that could be a whole new story to tell. But back to that day I saw that necklace.

That day in April when I saw that necklace it was close to my birthday and I thought to myself “ why don’t you just buy (steal) yourself that necklace”. I knew I could get Trevor to take the blame for it it’s so simple “i’ll get you some money”. That’s all you have to say to him to get him to steal anything for you.  So the next day you stole me that necklace. It was one of the best days of my life. The necklace was so sparkly and shiny, with diamonds every where.

But as soon as I got home, I heard the sirens coming blazing down my road and just go to the end of the street. As soon as they go by my house I get a phone call from Trevor. How unexpectedly, it’s so odd and rare for me to get a phone call or message from Trevor. I pick up the phone and all I hear is panting and a very nervous voice saying. “Layla i’m so sorry just get out of your house as quickly as possible.”  ‘What, why, what’s happening.” I speak a little too loud and I can hear him step away softly then hear him return back to his spot. “ The cops got me and I told them about all your crimes and what you have been doing all this time.” I exhale very slowly and say quietly into the phone. “ What, did I just hear you correctly,you ratted me out.”

But before he could reply the sirens came buzzing down the street and turned into my driveway. Before I knew it there was a knock on the front door, momentarily pause then my door got kicked in and the cops were yelling at me to drop the phone and put my hands were they could see them. The phone hits the wooden floor with a loud bang and I put my hands above my head and turned around. As soon as I turned around I felt the cold metal latch around my wrists and I started moving toward the cop car while they recited something to me by memory. I think it goes like this “ You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can or will be held against you in the court of law.” I can’t remember the rest but it dosen’t matter in this situation, “ I’m getting put in jail!” I get put into the cop car and the car speeds out of the driveway. But now i’m afraid this is where my story ends because they won’t let me tell you what the jail experience is like.


I lost my ring

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The sirens I hear are my own fast paced breaths as I realize that my finger was donned with one less ring than when I had left my house this morning.


"Where the fuck is it?" is the squeak of police car tires racing after the ambulance of panic. Troops, going in to save.


Rationality is the followup detectives. "What happened here," their open notebooks all read, "where could it have gone?"


The widow, my remaining ring, begins to pen a eulogy.

Just One of Those Days

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In the morning I woke up I just knew.......

I knew it was going to be a rough day.

The clock tick tick ticking as slow as a snail.

I have to stop looking, I thought to myself,

everytime I look, I feel suddenly shook,

that clock's hand just won't move faster.

Sometimes I wish that big round clock would disappear,

I wish that I would not dump coffee on my Patagonia, 

I wish I would not forget to shut off my car lights and kill my battery. 

Sometimes I just wish that I would not have these days.

The best thing is when you are having a rough day, 

and someone has the nerve to ask you what is wrong,

then suddenly your eyes fill up with that forbidden liquid, 

and that watery liquid slowly streams down your face.

You try to conceal your emotions, 

bottle them up and throw it.

But some days you just can not. 

I just knew upon waking up, today would be one of those days.....


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On a bright, sunny day, there was a _____ named ______. ___ was neither a good, or a bad person, but a... different, unique person. ___ seemed perfect, ___ could jump hurdles higher than any person, further than any athlete, run faster than the average race car, for ___ was perfect, except for one thing, ___ was not human, but...

What I Think When I Hear The Word Siren

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Siren is a signal that emergency vehicles use to alert traffic. When I think of the word siren words, thoughts come across my mind. When I hear the sirens I think disaster, tragedy, danger, accident. These are just a few thoughts I have when I hear the sirens. The first thing I think "Something happened is it a car accident? or a fire? or a shooting?".Then I access how many sirens I hear "i only hear one siren so it must be a minor accident or whatever it is.". When I see the vehicles I know more about the situation.

Why didn't I know?

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I just knew some things.

I knew you were my best friend. I knew I would give up anything for you. I knew you wouldn't give me up for anything in the world. I understood you, and your sense of humor. 

But there were also things that I didn't know. I didn't know how far you were willing to go for her. I didn't know that anything could make you change your mind so quickly about anything. I didn't know that everything could change in just a few weeks. I didn't know everything could change so completely. And maybe I should have known these things. 

So why didn't I? I didn't know these things becuase I was so blinded by my own feelings and thoughts. I didn't know because I trusted you. I didn't know because I didn't actually understand you or know you as well a I thought I did. I didn't know because I would have given up everything for you. I didn't know because I thought your feelings for me mirrored my own feelings for you.

I was blinded by our history, and my feelings, and your false promises. This is why I didn't know.


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the callous firefighter put a spell on a snail and it became a pickle!? 

Whats unwritten

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Where you headed, where you going?

Can i come? This is going to come to push and shove

What happened to happier times

This can't be the right idea of love

You shot me onto the ground again  

When you think of me, is that what you think of?

You Hopped a bus to another town

When you look out the window

And watched the raindrops roll down

You fall asleep, nothing on your mind

And i stand here wondering where you might be

Who you might meet, what you may see

I struggled for so long

Couldnt love myself, so it wasn't surprising you didn't love me

But i tried, i made it up in my head

Even when i caught your back hand

I would think of what you ONCE said



Welcome to the World

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There has been a child born, but not just any child. A preemie boy. Born at only 26, of his
40 weeks, or 6 of the 9 months. So small, his bicep is the size of your index finger, his hand the
size of the tip of your pinky. Weighing only 2.3 lbs, this angel is remarkable. He can breath, not
on his own though, he is on an oxygen machine that pumps oxygen into his lungs through a
tube in his nose. He drinks breast milk, as most infants do if their mother decides to breastfeed.
He also can’t do that on his own, there is a much smaller tube going down his esophagus into
his stomach. This extremely small child was born so early due to a different blood type then his
mother. Therefore causing her body to reject him. This is uncommon, however it’s not rare. Most
infants don’t do this well, the stop their heart when they get cold, when they don’t get enough
attention they can sometimes even die, which is really sad but it’s true. All of this information
isn’t just things that are made up, this child is actually a real boy. My nephew. He was born like
this. Most babies that are born this early are born Chemically Dependant, they often don’t do as
well. However if they are put in the right care then they can make it and grow up almost as
normally as babies who are born on time. Even some children who are born on time can be
Chemically Dependant. In this time period it happens more and more often that children are
being born needing more help then they should need, but sometimes all they need is a good
doctor and love.


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I have wanted to throw my phone at the wall for various reasons. Sometimes you do something you didn't mean to and you instantly regret it. Or sometimes you could see something that makes you mad and you just want to throw your phone. This has happened to me when I accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. You know the person will get mad at you and that makes you want to get rid of it and just throw your phone away. But youve already sent the text and the person has already recieved it. Another senario would be if you were playing a game. Maybe you are playing a game against a friend or just in general. Some people get really heated up and competetive while playing games. Its frustrating when you keep failing a game or you keeping dying. That makes you want to et up and throw your phone because you just cant do it rght. Iv'e experienced this many times before. Another thing that could upset you is seeing something offencive on social media. This could make you want to throw your phone at the wall just because you and so mad at someone. 


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I walk through the vines and into the old abandond street that is hidden and forgotton. There arent many buildings on this street. Only two old houses and an old antique store. The sign of the store is haning by one chain form a rundown board of wood sticking out the side of the building. Ive been here many times before and have even made a small fort behind the counter. The coolest part of the store is the cash register. It has a chipped gold paint and huge black buttons. When I discovered this place there was a few things left on the shelves, one of them being an old book. The pages of the book were to fragile to flip and the ink was faded and brown. I had explored every corner of this store, or so I thought. One day when I walking to my fort behind the register I tripped on an open floorboard. I had always know it had been there, but never tripped so I was surprised. I went back and looked under the board to see an emtpy space. I pryed the floor up and slipped my hand into the space. I felt a small chain and grabbed it. I pulled it up and it turned out to be a diamond looking ring. This was the best find that I  have ever seen.

I Knew

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 I knew that this would not go well. I knew from the second I picked up my phone and saw the notification that this would not go well. I knew because, on that miserable morning of November 9, 2016, the man who had spent his campaign insulting everyone by white males had become the electoral president. What was already happening would get worse. The next week was full of get over its and give him a chance. But how could I give the man who has shown nothing but disrespect a chance? How I could respect the man who would he not respect the people of the united states. Now, I see what he has done exactly as I feared. Going against the constitution, using fear as a tactic of control, undermining the Judicial branch, putting people in power who will only harm the  US, insulting other leaders and so many more atrocities. But, I knew. 


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I could hear them in the distance again. The loud, ear-splitting sirens that notified yet another destruction of a town. They were at such a high decibal, that anything within 5 miles would be immediately killed. The sirens were slowly creeping closer to my home though. However for the last 15 years, they always stayed at least 30 miles away, thank God. However, tonight it was different, instead of hearing them at eight o'clock sharp, I heard them at 8:02. They were never late, nor early and this thought haunted me until I realized. The Rebels, a group of fighters that were slowly but surely gaining more and more power over the looming threat of the sirens. They had detained them for two minutes tonight, which was a record and for once in my small, fear-filled life, there was hope. Hope of being able to go out of my home and see the light. Hope to meet new people and see new things. Hope for a normal life in which I can live in. Hope for this torture to end, once and for all. 

iPhone Dillema

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     I hate when I get a certain text message that makes me want to check my phone across an ocean. When someone tells me something I don't want to hear, I just get a temptation to smash my phone. Even if my phone is just having a small glitch I want to just go into verizon and trade in my phone, But then I realize that my mom paid a pretty penny on my iPhone 7 and I would be stuck without a phone if I did through it, I decide not to.