Why I think Apple Is amazing - An argument I get from the average person.

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:44

You should buy apple products. I didn't do any reaserch, but I didn't have to. They look really nice. . Apple puts lots of cool stuff in their phones. I bet they put really good stuff in their phones to make them work good. Some people would say that apple overprices their phones and computers and that other phones and computers are much faster for half the price and have better technologies. This is true, however Apple is better I think. When I was eight, in 2010, I had and android tablet that my mom bought me for 70 bucks and it was crap. this proves that apple is better. Also apple is cool and being cool is good. Buying windows computers and android phones is a bad decision, and even though they are better in almost all ways, apple is good so you should buy apple things. Plus, even though I didn't do any reasearch, they work good with eachother and are fast. 


(This is the argument I hear from the average Apple Owner. Don't pay double the price for half the phone.)