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Johnny Denvers was a helpless 12 year old boy. Nobody has seen or heard from him since the time he was taken. The day was April 9th, 1984. Johnny's birthday had occured on April 2nd, and he had gotten a phone. Johnny was in his room playing his favorite game, Clash of Clans. He had gotten really good at the game since the time he got his new phone, and Johnny really loved the game. Just as he clicked the uprage button to upgrade his town hall to level 11, His phone buzzed. Johnny thong that it mustve been a wrong number call, since it was a number he didnt recognize, so he answered it quickly and a voice came over the screen. It was a dark, raggedy, terrible voice that Johnny really didn't like the sound of. The voice boomed.

"Turn around, Johnny." The mysterious voice said. Johnny turned around, only to see a little boy, the whites of his eyes shining in the light from his room.

"Hello, Johnny." The boy said with the same sound the voice had from the call. The little boy was holding a bloody phone, the thick ed liquid dripping onto the cold wood floor.

Nobody ever saw from Johnny again.