wRiTing aful

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:40

ok so i am going to tell u something u cant tell anyone. i cheated on my french test yup i did it. :((( ill tell you how i cheated. so basically me jack and lilly all are so bad at french. like i cAnt EVen we dont even pay attention we just are on our phones the until class. so anyway me jack and lilly didnt even KNOw we had a test:O. because we were to busy on are phonez. anyway the teacher not even sure what her name is hands out a test. and me lilly jack all look at eachother liek we knew that we were gOIng to FAil. ik so bad. and my mom would have been sooooo mad like i was going to get smh from her. so basically me being me i just look over at jessicas paper and copy down the answers because like why not but i thought i was goign to get caught. but i didnt and it has been 2 weeks