Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:40

I’m sorry, but what else can I write about today? Not drawn by the fantastical, no, not an imaginary letter to the bloat king who degrades our White House either, nor a whisper coming from the phone, not even the kindness which does come in abundance to my doorway, but me, shroud in a torn, gray sheet of helplessness, naked and invisible. I cannot fathom how many children must be gunned down before we all throw our mistempered weapons to the ground.

As I pack my lunch, gather my papers, and head to the school building, as I have done for 25 years, the morning breaks with a new woe. I don’t want to practice escaping out of my classroom due to a shooter but I don’t want to huddle in the corner either. I don’t want to practice barricading the door and ask students to find things to throw at an intruder. I don’t want to fill them with false fear, pretend they can outrun outsmart outlive 100 rounds a minute, yet I don’t want them to feel invisible in this epidemic. I can tell you anxiety in teens is a mounting concern, and the reality that schools are easy targets only worsens this predicament.

Are we all blind to the power of the N.R.A.? Do you doubt their overreaching intent? The money they stand to make each time fear pushes us back to the gun dealer? Every new assassin is crafted by this misguided organization, into one who responds to the challenges of life with murder. These lost souls seem determined to rip apart the innocence still pocketed in our classrooms, on our dance floors, movie theaters, churches, shopping malls, even our baseball fields. And yet, Senators stand in line eagerly awaiting their rating. How many will earn their high marks as we fall, bloodied, burying our little ones, time and time again? Senators quake, but not in response to these massacres, instead, they are chided by the manufacturers of the AR-15 to hold the line. You know the line. The one that insists guns don’t kill people, people do. Politicians stand shoulder to shoulder on that. All the while gun sales just go up, realizing more lobbying power. Over 3 million spent last year alone to lobby the sale of silencers and bump stocks, to ensure the passing of the conceal carry reciprocity act, and to keep mental health records out of background checks. 2017 was a banner year for those who would halt any progress toward creating a safer America. Those who should not hold a small handgun are handed an assault weapon by our politicians. Although the NRA infiltrates across party lines, it is Trump’s full endorsement and his GOP coterie who earn the A rating.  Doubt not the flow of cash to continue making guns a solution. These manufacturers intend to continue on and make all of us invisible to their directive.

Oh jeez, this is a post of dread and despair. Perhaps the whisper in the phone, turn around, would have been a better choice. Even in a whisper, I’d know that voice anywhere. Why it is my love, my life, my hope...