Big dog

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:39

My dad and I were at the fair in maine at old orchard becach and we had some tickets to spare and I had NO idea what to spend them on, then I see a game that I have always wanted to try, the ring toss. I wanted to do it so bad, I was begging my dad to do it but he didn't think I would be able to he told me after the game, there was a whomen that was just standing there smiling at me trying to get me to come over and I ran over with my ticket ready to win this game, there were green bottles and clear bottles and there were way more clear than green, if you got the ring on the green bottle, you would get a huge stuffed animal, and I was going for the huge dog.

"let's do this"!! I was so exited, I gave her the ticket right as I got there and she gave me about 10 rings and one of thoes rings were going to be on the cap of the bottle, I wind up my arm and toss it, it misses. I was pretty bummed and scared then the last one, I tossed it and it landed right on the bottle cap but it was a clear one, she reaches up and I was pretty bumed, but then she grabbed the big dog and handed it to me.