Turn around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:11

Once a boy  was at their house alone there parents were spending time at a really fancy restaurant because it was their anniversary.He heard the phone ringing down the stairs when he was still playing on his kindle fire.So he crept down the stairs and turned on the lights.When he  picked up the phone and it only said two words turn around so the boy turned around and they’re was pennywise standing right behind him on a phone.Pennywise said

He wasn’t going to hurt him but the boy didn’t fall for it so he went and grabbed the hatchet(it still had the protector on it)the boy tried to smack pennywise with it but pennywise was to quicks o the boy missed and missed.

After that the boy ran away as fast as he could but pennywise stayed on his trail so he tried to get to his parents but the clown blocked his path.He ran back to his

House and locked the door then he ran up the stairs and ran into his room and lock the door.A while later he heard a

knock on the door his parents unlocked the door and walked in the boy was wondering if he had been imagining

It.20 years later he was at his house when he heard the phone ring he answered the phone it said i will come for you´re kids


The end