The invisible man

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:10

One day I was in a mall and my phone started ringing. I picked it up and said “Who is it ?” On the other end I could somehow hear what I just said.  Then the man started  talking . He said in a gruff  voice“turn around”. I said: what? And he said it again but a little louder. I stood there in silence for a little bit and then finally made up my mind. I slowly turned around. There was no one there. Oookay I started to turn back around, that's when I noticed a phone  just hovering there. I started to tell the person I had to go and I heard what I was saying in the phone that was hovering there that's when it hit me there was an invisible man standing right in front of me.   I started to run then he appeared  and said I will be back.             

     That i s the end of chapter one          

By; Vivian Elliott