I walked by that sign a bizzilion times,  The red neon glowing and sizzle - a perfect representation of the tasty noodles and sauce that I know are entrenched within that tiny restaurant nestled between the Hallmark store and the best used book store on this side of the Milky Way.  The place had a magnetism to it, an allure. It caught your eye and your interest, but the attraction was never strong enough to pull you inside,  I prefer Luigi's on Main but it was a bit pricey, the kids loved the atmosphere of Noodle Planet with its pedestrian fair and there's  the nagging voice of economy calling to just make it at home that way you can have it exactly the way you want it.  But that sign, the path of fate that took me to the brink but never across the threshold.  

On Tuesday, I was heading to the book store.  I was determined to find an old field guide.  My curiosity has been growing over that last few weeks to answer what types of rocks had I found on the beach during our last trip.  A shiny and smooth black egg was nestled into my pocket waiting to be revealed.  I figured one more stop, one more books couldn't  overwhelm my collection too much.  I struggled to find a parking space, it was a busy time in the hour between the end of the work day and the hour in which we all really just want to be home.  The day had been exhausting and I needed distraction, that is what led me to think I needed to solve the mystery of the black shiny rock.  My head hung low and I let out a deep sigh as I saw the "Closed" sign on the bookshop door. Really.  I sighed again,  I felt defeated, frustrated at my lost trip and started to head back to my car,  That is when I dropped my keys right in front of that glowing red sign sign, the sidewalk, the keys, the remnants of the last night's snow shimmered red from the glow cast by that sign.  I came to this place to satisfied curiosity, but was thwarted by the closed sign but curiosity demands attentions. I shrugged, stuffed my keys into pocket next to that rock that brought me here and pull open the door and allowed my curiosity to lead me into Spaghetti.