Turn Around..

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:06

"Ring.." you hear the distinct sound of a ring tone coming from your pocket. "Ring.." it comes more violently now as you reach in to your pocket. Who was it now?  You pick up the call an unkown number, its from the area code though so you decide to pick up anyways. You press it to the side of your face but, all you hear is the sound of a breeze and suttle breathing. As your about to hang up a car passes by on the phone then two muddled works were coughed out of the phone. 

"Turn around."

The caller had hung up. You look down at your phone not quite sure how to react. 

You look to the left and suddenly, as if on que, a car serves by just missing you as it crashes into a cluster of trees. The same noise you had heard over the phone. You turn you attention to behind you but, nothings there. Just more street. You stand in an odd position before you feel a jab in yout gut and you fall to the ground blackness coming in from all sides. You fall to your feet and you swear you here something in your left ear, in the same muffled voice that had come over the phone.

"You should have done it quicker..."