A rule for "no" rules

As I step up to the podium, the butterflies in my stomach go away. I have just been elected "leader of the world", by everyone, with no votes against me. I know exactly where my beliefs lie, and I am confident in the speech I prepared. I begin power, but fairness, radiating from my voice. "My life has always rules. My parents, teachers, friends and even society itself, has always had rules. Always saying; "no, because that's the rule." No going outside after dark. No throwing chairs at people you don't like. No, is always followed by another, no, and another, or even maybe an "absolutely not," but always a rule. People in fancy philosophy books can claim all that they want about humans having total free will, but I will never agree. Beginning at the moment I was able to have conscious thought, I have been pressured by rule after rule. No, after no, do this after do that. While I will never be able to change the fact that society will always push an endless amount of rules on people, I can tell you, that as your new "ruler of the world" I will not force any rules in your veins, or any bogus philosophy down your throats, as that breaks my belief that people should have free will and choice. Of course, I will have limitations. Any current laws in place preventing things like homicide, theft, and other natural immoral things, will continue to be enforced, I promise, I will not make anything new that will jeopardize your free will and free thought. Thank you." I step down and allow applause, then, I turn to walk away. Giving a speech after all always takes a lot of energy out me.