The Voice

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:05

The voice whispered again, this time saying " I'm right here, you just don't know it."  

The moon was shining and the night turned to day.  It was the best night of Adams life as it was his 15th birthday.  He was going out withs oem froends to the fair and it was late at night.  They were finally old enough to go to the hainted house that they have been dieing for since they were in the third grade.  On the walk there, Adam's friend Jeff said "we shoild totally scare some little kids dudes!."  The boys were all pretty satisfied with his idea, so they dicided ti scare kids at the fair.  

When they got to the fair, they imedialtlu got food.  They all got different things, so they decided to meet up at the enterence of the haunted house.  Of course, Adam had to get his food on the other side of the fair and