Don't turn around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:05

The phone is ringing you walk over to pick it up the you hear wispring you stop and look areound the thinging that you just made somthing up you pick up the phone all you hear is that annoying nois telling you to out the phone down and try agin then you hear the nois agin;right at that momment you jump aroud and out of the cornner of your eye you seee somhing you dont know what it was. you walk over to the hallway the thing gust whent down the you hear a CRASH! you look down the hallway and see a shaterd windown. after that you run back to the phone to try to call home but when you pick up the phone to dile it is dead. then you notice that ll of the lights are out. the you hear a creek you think it is the door opning you want to find a place to hide but the only way out of the kichen is past the door. right then you see a nife and grab it; just in case then you see that it is your mom coming in the door with grosres.