Hoof Dancer

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:05

The sweet smell. The soft nickers. Everything all that has meen swallowing me today goes away. We go out and warm up. The sun flickering belind leaves. We dance there, on the sound, not under it, not next to it, on it. Everything is in slow motion. Dancing is nature, dancing is hopeing, loving, dreaming, when you are on horseback. The movement sweeps you awya. You loose control of your thoughts. One moment your are suffering, the next you are dreaming. The sound is forgiving. The breathing is soft, The movement is endless. Horses are the reason we live we dream, we hope, we fly. We are racing as the song her hoofs will never stop, and then they do, and we are flying high, like I could touch the clouds, and the sun is so bright, but not as beautiful as us. We land and the song comes to life, endless and beautiful as it will ever be. Katerina. The horse dancer.