Me's STory abots lif

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:04

ME's gots a storyes far yous guhhhs. 0 Day Ago me's wents To's a Stores AND gots som StUFFS. Me's Lookdown at hisa lists ANDS its sayz 

  1. Gets SOm MIlks
  2. finds A bATH room
  3. STANDs and Loooks unhappy so Peopples WIilils liks you
  4. GiveS sAway Mony to Rich PEOppples
  5. By's Stuf THats me's DOESnn't NEDs


SO ME's Didds What THey LISTS SAYz.? THen Me's REALIZES THat ME:S diddn't RIGHTs TheY list ANds relizes thAT ITS yous HANDS righting. ANDs Yous is a Athers.