awful day

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:02

one day there was this weird guy that is a cameshal person and somthing went wrong when they were macking usGWQJhwh and the the guy  they were douing a weirfd theoi and his name in jeff so all of a sudden the presadent walked in and said k whats going on here i hear there was a proplume  b      ut  there wasent any problume and then all of a sudden he said one sec he said get me a cup of suige tefhcetf  please and so they did then all odf a sudden he startde eating ibt so and it was so gross evrey one ran to the bath room at the same time and it was so gross as son as he wa s done he said whats wrong and then tevrey one  never went back there againcause it smelled so bad the end./,./,./      bagywtgvb,mk