The day I ate a chicken nugget

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 14:01

It was a dark and stormy day. I put a chicken nugget into the toaster oven and put it on bake for 5 mins at 400 degrees. Then, the chicken lord walked through my toaster and said, "NEE ENEENENENENENENENNENE". I said, "YEYEYEYYEYEYYEYEYYEYEYEEYEYYE". Then, I saw a hamster fall through the ceiling. "AHHHHHH" I screamed. But, MY CHICKEN NUGGETS WERE BURNING! Oh wait, that was the beep saying it finished preheating.  Anyways, the water pipes had frozen because I forgot to turn on the heat. So, here I waited, with a hamster and a thirsty self, trying to wait for my chicken nugget. But, OH NO! I LEFT THE SINK RUNNING! Oh wait, the pipes are frozen solid. AHHHH! I FORGOT I LEFT MY CAR AT THE AUTO REPAIR SHOP AFTER I TOTALED IT ON A BRIDGE! IT WAS READY TWO HOURS AGO! Oh wait, I picked it up already. "BEEP BEEP BE-EEP BEEP" went my toaster. As that happened, the hamster fell up through the roof, and the chicken god returned, and the pipes cleared up. I ate the chicken nugget. Lesson learned, my toaster is magical.