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Hellooss-  My'ssss namessss isssss the greatestsssss of themsss allss BBBBBBBBubby.   Whatsss I Looksss like is I have my floppppppy stubby littlessss arms and a grumpyss looking mouth.   ANd little tiny baby horns, and my legs are 5 inches big andsss mysss armsss aress ovefeet.  Super dooper dude.  Myss Besssts frienddddss name is BBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUuuDDDDDDDDDdddYYYYYYYYyyyyY and BBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBbbbbbbY, oh yassss theyss aress in visy bobbbbles.  Howss I meet thems I was walking my Gloper doper (phone) started going Blop, blop, nop, nop.  I'sssssssssssss anssssssssswerrssssssssss it and itsss sssssays, "Turn around."  Adsss Issss turnss aroundsssssssss ads I dot see anfin. (sorrrryyyy abot my language english is my second language my first language is totototobobs.)   Alsssss I sees isssss a tiny baby waby french frie alones.  So to makesss its stopsss cryinnnnggg (atleast I thought it was crying) so I ate.

Sanksss forss readings mysss storyss.