The Busy Trees

The forest was busy today. Goods being transported for winter, elders being brought into the winter dens, and of course, the humans decided it was a good day to go for a hike. The walked around in the forest with their short and stubby bodies, pulling up plants and stomping on insects. I really pity them. Not. They have absolutely no consideration for this planet, and of course we’ re stuck here with them. They prance around in their warm clothing and pretend we’re not even there! When Juniper tried to get them to stop the kids from destroying the wildlife, they walked right past as if they didn't even see her! And when we tried to warn the adults that this was an endangered plain of land with exotic birds and plants, they ignored us! It's like they don't know we’re there! It's always been like this. Our ancestors thought that we were only lucky when they didn't notice us, so we had to hide, but now it's clear that they can't even see us. We’ve been trying forever to stop them from killing to wild, but they never will unless something changes. For ferns sake, it's like nothing ever will. So we work to regrow the plants and work even harder to fill up the berries to store for winter.

As the last of the humans flurry past, I quickly notice that one of the humans has left a fur and leather cape behind. From experience, I know how warm these are, much more than any we have. I take the cape quickly and go before anyone notices me. I cover it with leaves, hiding it under berries. I enter the den of elders, immediately making my way over to Shirogane, my grandmother. I know that this warmth from the humans will work better than any moss or scavenged leather that I know they won't give you. We’ll work together for this winter, away from the humans.