turn around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:47

your at you house all by your self. Your just relacsing when your phone rings your parints tell you not to anser calls when your home alone so you just let it pass but it rings again you do the same thing agian and agian. finally it gets to anoying so you anser. a voice ansers look behind you you look nothings thare you look fowerd and you see something move. you just think its your cat but when you look its just looking at something with its hair strat up and hissing. you trun on your flashlite now scared you see blood on the wall you look at it more closly because your cerreus ypu see that it spells words we're coming for you!!! You scream. then you notis that theres blood driping from the sealing but thars nothing there than you here DRIP DRIP DRIP coming from the kitchen. you take one step but a bear trap clamps on your leg you hear a scraping noise that sounds like metal on stone than you here steps creping up to you than you here lafing than you he  slunck!