I am..

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:44

I am the one who you see, yet don't respect. I am the one who you see everyday, but disregard me still. I am the one who you see sitting alone every single day because unlike you, I am alone. You can tell I'm sad by what other people have said. "She's sad becuase she's alone," or, "She's sad because she doesn't have a life." But I am here. I may be standing in the corner, my hair draped over my face because no one else wants to talk to me, with my book in front of me to protect me from the people who stare. That is, when my book isn't dropped to the floor from cold shoulders. It's like ice, a cold feeling that I feel everytime I hear my name whispered behind my back. "She's ugly and boring and her face is plain." Have I ever heard such a thing from the back of my mind? Of course. I may dislike the way they say it, the way they insult my body and my personality and the lack of intelligence my parents so eagerly want me to have. But I agree. Maybe I'm not meant for this, everyone says to pull through. I can pull through, but maybe the tunnel isn't big enough.