Get Back Up

Chalk Filled the air as I clapped my hands together

My team roared my name

I looked forward to the bar and saw it waiting for me to grab it

My stomach felt like somebody was punching it

This was it

The judge raised her hand and I soluted

One step

Two steps

Here I go

Down on the springboard, Up on the bar

I swing and flip around the bar

My hips push up into a squat on, and I fall


Back on my feet

I take a deep breath

I look around at everybody's faces

None of them look disappointed

Another deep breath

I hop on the bar again

It’s my turn to show everybody what I can do on bars

I think to myself courage, courage, courage

I do my squat on


I stand up and grab the high bar


My legs swing around and I finish



Everybody’s silent

I look at the judge and solute

Everybody started clapping and calling my name

I was done

Another deep breath