I feel this every day

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:33

  I felt invisible when I wanted to meet new friends. For example, when I walked up to this guy and I asked him if we could be friends. But he just walked off. I had to meet other people to be friends with. Another time, I went up to a guy in a group and I asked him if I could  be friends. The guys said ‘girls can not be in a group of guys and be friends with them . I was really sad because I felt like I was Literally invisible. I felt invisible to my sister Maria too. She always picks what is best for me. But I felt literally invisible because she does not ask me what I think. It seems my whole life, people like to make me either literally or figuratively invisible. People don’t need to feel bad for me though.  I have a lot of friends because I am kind to them and not mean like those group of guys where to me.