Doors and Dreams

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:31

Liam was in his bedroom, and had remained there for the past two months. Friends had gotten him food and water and begged Liam to leave his room. He couldn’t do it, they didn’t understand, he couldn’t leave his room. As Liam wrote the same paragraph in his journal that he wrote everyday for the past two months, he decided to go to bed.

Liam woke up in his room, but there was a different atmosphere about the room. Liam was used to it, he was used to waking up in his room like this everyday, he got out of bed, and pushed open the door to his room. An empty space awaited him, an empty space with a few doors leading to different areas, different areas of his mind. He entered the center door, he visited this area periodically, he knew that there was something here, something that could provide a resolution. Entering the door, Liam found himself on a beach, but the sea wasn’t there. There was a dock there, a boat docked next to it, floating in midair. Liam climbed in the boat, but he wasn’t alone.

Directly in front of him was his best friend Noah, Liam knew it wasn’t really him but all the same, seeing him again made Liam… how could he put it, on edge. That’d be the simplest way to describe it, but there was so much more. The boat started to move, on it’s own I should add, and Liam stared directly at Noah. A familiar, but unfamiliar smile crept across Noah’s face. “Are you happy now?” said Noah “Are you content with my fate?” A bloody wound had showed up on Noah’s chest and was starting to spread, but Liam kept looking Noah in the eyes.  “It’s your fault you know” Noah said “You caused all of this, but you didn’t have to” Liam kept looking at Noah, but his gaze was slightly blurred. “What did you want from me.” Noah was rotting, his skull beginning to show. Liam couldn’t take it, he looked away, in a fraction of a second Noah had a knife in his hand, the same knife that sent Liam back to reality time and time again. Noah brought the knife down, and Liam caught it.

In a moment of killer instinct he drove the knife back in on Noah, he melted in a pool of shadow. As soon as he did, Liam knew what to do, he jumped into the shadow.

Liam was ruffling through some letters sent recently, an ad here, a Valentine’s card here, and a strange black letter, addressed from an address he didn’t know. Opening the letter, he read three words, “Noah Or You.” Liam was here again, in a memory he could not erase. He was at Noah’s front door, a knife in pocket, Liam unlocked the door with a key Noah entrusted him with. The rest was a blur, finding Noah, killing him, and hearing his last words were all too much. Suddenly, Liam wasn’t there anymore.

Liam was in a completely dark space, the only material things being him and his bed. A voice spoke from nowhere, yet seemingly everywhere, “It was not your fault… What choice did you have… Your friends know this.” And with that, Liam was sent back to reality.

Liam was awake, knowing he would never be able to go back there again. He got out of bed, got dressed. And opened the door to his room.