"Turn Around"

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:28

“Hello who is this,” I say into my phone ; an unknown caller had appeared on my screen. “Turn around” someones yells into my phone. I began to run “not again” I whisper under my breath. My feet pound against the pavement, and my breath begins to labor. I dart around the street corner and down the asphalt sidewalk. Narrowly avoiding people as I run full speed as far as I can before… It has begun, my head pounds, my hands sweat my body shakes but I do not fall down, I remain petrified still sweat runs down my face my body, full of fear quivers. I am imobile. People walk around my as if water around a rock, a few people stop, give me strange looks and ask if I am alright but I do not answer. My tongue is twisted and tied. My ability to speak taken by fear.  I can not answer because… He heard me no sense in descreshion now I begin to run once more screaming in fear and shame at what I have brought to this place. Why did I move to the city? Why did I condemn myself? My hair is plastered to my face my shame runs down my legs I am so afraid and then the pain begins I fall to the ground scraping my hands in a effort to save myself. The blood runs down my hands as I am ripped apart. My head pounds my eyes water as I strain myself, trying to look up and see. He stands over me menacing dark and deadly. “Hello there” he says “ you knew you could never get away” and I did know, I had always know, sense the first time I had seen him many times, but he had never caught me before.  Any scared animal always tries to escape. In that moment I think only to protect myself, I leap at him savagely in a attempt to defend myself but he only laughs. My hands are cold. The kind of cold filled with despair that eats the light and leaves you with only sadness and agony. He pushes me down and this time I stay down. Little bits of rocks grind away my fingernails and into the flesh of my hands and I scrape the ground clawing for traction. My head hits the sidewalk I see stars and my vision goes blurry the buzzing in my head has turned to a roar as if a waterfall was crashing down upon me. And I go blind. Everything is dark but the roaring, breaking, crashing treacherous noise continues. I can't feel the cement any longer,  my hands still bleed and I hold on to their warmth in the neverending cold. Huddled up and small, “this must be the end,” I say. After so many times i never thought he would catch me, that I would be here.I die. The light the laughter the memories all drain from me, running from me as people from a plage. All my life flows into the roaring river, the one I heard in my head before; the one that sounds like desperation. I am reunited with the demon that brought me to this frozen hell. He stands before me now more solid than he ever was in the light of day, he thrives in this darkness. “My dear” he says “you were never going to win.” My head lowers in my defeat my final submission before the cold leaves and the real hells begins. I feel as if now many years into the torment I have forgotten what I feels to not be in pain, in darkness. Now that my pain is no longer my prison. The real pain has begun not the pain of my body but of the overwhelming and consuming nothingness of existence. I am at school.