The Call

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:16


The familiar creaking of the floorboards is so normal its almost comfoting. As I walk down the hallway I take a look in the large mirror my mom has hanging on the blank pristine wall. She would say its for decoration. But whatever its there for I like it there. I always see my apperance when I walk by. The comfort of my apperance calms me. Knowing I´m pretty make me feel good. Mom calls me vain. 

I think not. 

I happen to be home alone on this particular day, I´ve opened all the windows so the sun can bleed through onto the floor. My phone beeps. Its just the usual social media notification or text. I choose to ignore. Often times, its a notification for a follow, or a like on a post. Nothing I wouldn´t be used to. I get those daily. I set my phone on the pale marble counter as I advenure to the fridge for a snack. My phone buzzes. Ignore. My phone buzzes again. Over and over, someones calling me? Who even calls these days? What the heck? Just let it ring. 


It rings again, this time I answer. ¨what do you want?¨ I snap at the unknown caller. 

¨Casey I see you turn arou...¨ I cut them off.

¨do I look good?¨