The Giant Cat

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:16

It was 12:00. I heard my phone ringing. I picked it up and answered. Then I heard a voice behind me. “ Turn around.” The voice whispered. “ Turn around.” The voice whispered again. I wiped around to see two large amber eyes staring at me from the shadows. Then the largest thing I had ever seen stepped out from the dark evil mouth of the shadows. It had whiskers, two pointy ears, four long legs for running and each paw had four long pointed claws, purrfect for ripping meat. Then I saw the tip of a tail poking out of the shadows. Then I realized that the phone was still ringing. I pressed the red button. Then I stared into the creatures mouth. Sixty two blood stained teeth stuck up from it’s gums. “ Wha wha what are you?” I stammered. “ The largest cat in the world.” It said proudly. Then I found my courage. “ What do you want?” I snapped. “ Why are you here? Why can you speak human?” “ Enough with the questions!” The giant cat snapped back. The cat reached out a ginormous paw and scooped me up. “ Hey!” I shouted. “ Put Me down!” “ Please don’t scream. My ears are sensitive.” The cat said calmly. “ Now let’s answer your questions.” The cat said. “ Now, I can speak human because I am magical. And I know that you have always wanted to be a cat, so I am going to turn you into one. And I don’t want anything.” The cat finished. “ One more question. What’s your name?” I asked. “ Shadow.” Shadow replied. Then Shadow entered a cave with bottles of different colors of blood. There was green, blue, red, purple, yellow and many more. “ Are you going to take my blood?” I asked. “ No.” Shadow replied. “ I just need you to drink the green blood.” “ Ok.” I said. I picked up the green bottle. I took a sip. It tasted awful. “ The whole bottle?” I asked. “ The whole bottle.” Shadow replied. I finished it in two gulps. I closed my eyes. Then I opened my eyes. Then I was a cat like I always wanted to be.