Social Media Lockdown

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:16

Imagine, no more snapchat, no more instagram, no more youtube! A good majority of the world would be sobbing because they have lost there snapchat streaks but I feel that a small percentage of the world would be pretty happy! This means there are more face to face interactions and less conversation with what you think is a boy or girl your age but is really a creepy 70 year old man trying to kidnap you (not like that would not happen anyways!) There would also be a little less inappropraite behavior and a little less gossip about other students. And even though some people are going to miss expressing there thoughts and opinions on pintrest or picollage it helps to avoid people harshly judging eachother and being rude to others just for liking certain things. No social media also means that you will be spending less time coupped up in your room watching videos and more time playing games and talking and hanging out with family members. No social media could also mean people would spend less time snapchatting, scrolling through posts on instagram, and watching videos untill midnight and ending up being sleep deprived and more energized for the day ahead! It would be way more healthy for both kids, teens, and adults!