weird thing that have happend to me

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:15

Yes i am  i am in middle school and yes i am gooing to say        yes a lot becuse this is the wriet awful  on and yes  ia m a ,m so boraad but we can right how we will like to because techers all way say this and that     abot are righting but  what if i do not whan to do that and mke it look beutfull it is my life i will .ive it the way i whan and if i get a  f than i shoud  not be GROUND that is not far  it mean tey hard  but not to a lot of pepole they say A F YOU GOT A F YOU ARE GOING TO DI. RIP>. no it mean i have a F and i have to live with it or  when you woud like tto be  home school here is my  parnts say .NO WE HAVE TO WORK AND IT IS GOOD FOR YOU TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE here is what i say BUT I HAVE BEEN IN A RELLY SCHOOL FOR WHAT 123 HOLD ON  456 HAG ON MOM! 7 8 THERE 8 LONG AND BORINGAS DAYS OF MY LIFE   or MOM DO I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL . here is what  she said NO YOU HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL> AND HEAR IS WHAT I SAY . YOU FDO NOT LOVE ME IF YOU LOVED ME I WOUD NOT HAVE TO GET OUT OF MY PJS MOM . so i am all most do but that is may weird  thing that have happend to me p.s i am in school  do you see how won that batel ( lets say it was not me )  got to go  my mom is all most home and i have not start my homewouk i have to run  for my LIFE