Spaghetti, I all the sudden had a craving for spaghetti. It's just awesome!


I pass by this spaghetti place every day it's perfect!! I can use the money I got from painting the mailbox.


I walk in,  It is a nice place. I get the biggest bowl of spaghetti. I take a bite. It is very weird.


I rush into the kitchen with my giant bowl of long pasta and chuck it straight at the chef. Boom!


One meatball was hanging out of his nostril. He was a large bald man, but with the angel hair on him, he looked actually like an angel.


“Sorry, it is just, just beautiful. I might cry.”


He looks like a knock-off version on Jeniffer Lopez.


I was kicked out immediately.


There's a lesson folks. Don’t be mean to big guys about looking like Jennifer Lopez.