What I liek to do

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:15

    I play football and also i like to play fortnite on my PS4. I like to play basketball at my cousins house and play dodgeball,I also like soccer,wrestling and I like to play ROBLOX with my cousin. And I play fortnite with my friends sometimes also I love to play wwe 2k18 on my PS4 too. And I like to draw and type. I like fruit,veggies,and also i like to eat corn on the cob.


       I love to play  call of duty,and i like to watch youtube too. I like to play Madden NFL 18,and I like to play baseball,and I like to play on my PS4. And I also love school,Math,Science,Social Studies,and I like to play on my Iphone 7,and my ipad,and also I like to play reacing games.