Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:14

I have been playing basketball since I was super little. I love basketball and I want to be a very good basketball player! My dad helps me so much and encourages me in basketball. This year we had try outs for the school team and I did very good at those try outs. I got put on the A team and so did my friend. Speaking about basketball I have a basketball game today and I'm super excited! When I grow up I want to try and be in the WNBA. I have been doing a lot of basketball camps and teams this year. I love to shoot threes and I am very good at swishing them! I am usaully a point gaurd but sometimes I am a shooting gaurd so I can hit threes. Sometimes I get nervous to drive to the hoop and make a lay-up but I go for it and drive to the hoop and make the basket! I play for 2 teams right now and I have a game this weekend which is my last game for that team and today is my last home game for the school team and then for the school team we have a big tournement coming up. Then soon I'm starting another team. I'm excited for that team because we get to travel and my friends are on the team! As you can see I love basketball and I hope in my future I still play baksetball!