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i like to play football with my family and my dream when i grow up is try to make it to the super bowl and meet my favorite players from each team what my favorite nfl team is i like the miami dolphins and if i get choosen by the miami dolphins i would be so happy because i will be meeting my favorite favorite players and be on my favorite favorite team i want to be just like the miami dolphins players and not just give up and complain that we lose a game it is not a big deal who wins or who loses and i want to do what they do at practice or like workout i want to be tough just like them and when my team needs me i wil do what they say and when one of my teamates get into a fight with another player i will go out on the feild and join the fight and if i have to get elected from the game that is okay with me like i said if my team needs me i will do it if i have to start a fight with one another player i will do that