I Am The One

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:10

I am the one who didn't fit in.  I wasn't always that one, however.  During my elementary school years, I had a good group of friends, both boys and girls, with whom I hung out, played games, occasionally squabbled, and generally did what elementary school friends do.

The big change started when I was eight years old.  I didn't realize at the time just how big and how far-reaching the change would be.  I only knew that one day in that October, just after dinner, my father suddenly turned an awful color and couldn't breathe.  My mother whisked me into the kitchen while she called the fire department, and I stood, frozen, hearing his terrifying gasps for air.  The firemen took him to the hospital while I stayed at home with ... I can't remember whom.  When my mom returned late that night, I knew that my dad would never come home again.  

It took just one day to change my life.  In one day, I went from having two parents to having one, from having a "normal" family life to living in a single-parent household.  I eventually returned to school, and my teachers and friends were wonderful.  My mom and my grandparents were always there for me.  And so it went for a few years.

Eventually, Mom decided to join a group called Parents Without Partners. She even began going out on dates, and brought some of her dates home for me to meet.  Some of the men were really nice, and I warmed to them immediately.  Some were not, and I did my best to sabotage the relationship.  Perhaps it was just as well that I did.  One man turned out to have been lying to Mom about being divorced... he was still married!  Funny, that's the one man I went all-out to sabotage.  How did a ten year old girl know?  Intuition?

And then... Bill came along.  He was an ex-Marine, handsome,