"I Am"

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“I Am”

I am the only one who survived. It was January 14, 2232. It was like any other day at the train station. The sun blazed as people went on their daily commute. Then it happened, as soon as train 03755 left, it happened. The blast. At first people were confused, they didn’t know what was going on. Some screamed as the roof collapsed, some cried, others tried to make it to the exit, but it was no use. It had all collapsed in mere seconds. When the rescue party came, there was nothing left but ashes and dust. No one was left. But you may be asking, how did you survive, how did you make it out. But that’s easy to answer, very easy. The only reason I made it out was, because, I was an onlooker. I am the one who did it. 

By Kiana Allan

Crossroads Academy

8th grade