Social Media by Sierra Barber at The Tutorial Center

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:40

Imagine if all social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, shut down for good. Would people be happy or upset for this change? Well, the answer is both. 

Some people would be upset about this change because they basically live their life around these social media apps and without them I'm not so sure they'd really know what to do with themselves. Everywhere I go I always see multiple people on their phones, switching between apps, checking their instagram or snapchatting people every little thing that goes on around them, and to me it's just ridiculous.

Some people may also be happy about this change because they have more time for other things and they don't have those social media apps distracting them at work, school or even at home while they're supposed to be spending time with their families. It's easy to just get bored and pick up your phone, but without those social media apps if someone were to get bored they could just take out a game to play with the family or put in a movie.

I personally don't think it would be a good or bad thing. I use facebook to connect with others and see what people are up to like many others do, but I try not to stay on them longer than I need to because, to me, it's just a distraction from everything else going on in my life. To be honest, if social media sites were shut down, I would be okay with that. There is plenty of other ways for me to get ahold of people when I need to.