tweet a book

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:27

dear mister prezident, you a rich man who likes the best of everthing. I bet you wish american peeple do to even i never herd you sait. and you say whats in yor mind not like most lyer pols. but pls mister prez dont tweet!!! it is indignafied and makes it like you dont think things over enuf. like you dont lissen to your staph. and they say you dont reed things. prezidents have to reed alot. go read instead of tweeting. i used to tweet all the time and follow all celebraties and tlak about everthing like i knowed something. and you know what? before i tweeted i cud rite real gud. now look at me. i get my fingers stuck between the keys and rite so fast it don make no sense. i kicked the bird away & now i am cleen so maybe if i can get back to normel someday i will rite me a book. you can too. if you dont wanna read at least rite a book. you kin give the $ you make to the american peeple so they kin have the best of everthing to.