The Challenge of Eventide

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:26

"Jese! How can a leaf be so heavy?" asked Link. He was constantly swinging a giant Korok Leafe at the sail attached to the raft we were on, so that the jiant gusts of wind from the Korok Leafe would get the raft moving. "I dont know. You know its not technically a normal leafe." I said, as I gathered the fish that we passed as we sailed toard the small island. Also, I had to look around to make sure their were no monsters that were about to attack us, like Aqua- Bolders, Lizolfs, or Keese. "Your right." said Link. "Its a leafe made of metal, or something." The raft hit the side of the island. "Well, here we are!" said Link. There was a sign that was right at the side of where the raft hit the land. It had words writen in Sheika, but we were both pretty fluent in Sheika. YOU HAVE REACHED EVENTIDE ISLAND. "Eventide Island, eh?" I said. "I wonder whats inhabitted this island, if anything. Also, I'm excited to find out why everyone keeps telling us to not go here." We both stepped off the