Turn Around

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:24

It was morning, still very dark and foggy. When I heard the phone rang, I answerd It I couldn't hear anything but what sounded like white noises and a fan, just before I was about to hang the phone up I heard a cracky breath and then a voice that followed saying "turn around" almsot as if it was a demand. Every sound stopped but the sound I couldn't block out was silence I realesed the phone from my ear, feeling steam on my neck I turned and in the window was a silhoutte in fogged up window. I dropped the phone, the figure had a phone up to it's ear, It's mouth started moving so I picked my phone back off the ground. "Hello" I ask. I wasnt suprised when a voice answerd back, "why did you drop the phone?" and thats when I relized the figure wasnt in the window anymore, he was behind me.