I Am The One Who Likes To Be A New Beginning

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:20

I was asked to write a story that starts with the phrase “I am the one who…” so here's how this is gonna go. I am the one who likes to sit in the front of the room, I'm the one that likes to be the center of attention, and I am the one who can change the world.

When I saw this prompt I thought to myself this doesn't make sense, but when you think about it for a minute or two, it's amazing. Today I decided to take the blame for my friend it wasn't serious, but it made them feel better to look into their future. They started to think about what they can do to change others future to help them to have a better. The feeling that I got when I saw his face was like being hit by a sun ray that was pure happiness.

“What are you doing?” my friend John exclaimed.

“Helping you to see a better future,” I said.

Then, the teacher took me to the principal's office. stomp, stomp, slam! Is what John heard when the teacher took me away.