Social Media Shut-Down

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:18

    The world ended on a breezy day in mid-August. People rampaged, the president was taken hostage, big buildings were shut down. The cause: a social media shut-down.


    That day in August there was a meeting regarding an entire remodel of the control center in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, during the meeting in which a head designer was explaining what the red button did, the president went power hungry and pressed it. He didn’t press the one that sent off the missiles, of course, but pressed the one that could cause even more damage. He pressed the button that shut down our country’s most important resource: social media.


There was no explosion. There was only silence. Until there wasn’t.


    Simultaneously, all around the United States people screamed and cried. They tore down buildings, set fire to the streets, and crashed their cars into the rivers. No one could have ever expected it, therefore, no one knew how to handle it. This fateful day changed our country forever in more ways than one.


    After the social media shut-down, the United States’ citizens got dumber. All of them, it seemed, acted as useful as a pool made of cardboard. People forgot how to express their opinions. Without a forum for them to spew hateful words from behind a screen, people didn’t know how to talk anymore. They didn’t know how to show their friends a photoshopped picture of themselves. They didn’t know how to argue or disagree. They didn’t know how to live anymore.


    As news of the lack of social media spread, people got angry all around the world. There were people from other countries running across the world to get to us and and scream in our faces. There was war. There was unrest. Any peace that had settled over the years vanished completely. And it was all because of social media.