the island of jurassic park

Submitted by Writer on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 12:18

(based on jumnaji with a twist, of jurrasic park, a portal and different characters)


One day i was walking from school with my friends with a new video game we got from the store. It was called, the island of jurassic park, a game where a a group of explorers go to a park somebody created and theres a buch of cool different levels. We get home and put it right on the ps4 slot. “I’ll be dr. grant, the paleonotogist”.”cool my friend ellie says, than i’ll be, dr. sattler. Paleontologist and plant expert”.”aliright then robert said i’ll be dr. ian malcolm, scientist. Than i’ll be timmy dinosaur enthusiest kid. It was all good when the first dinosaur, showed up and came trought the tv, but the portal below our house stopped it we got sucked in and couldn’t get out. (gasp) i woke up, with everybody else. We were on isla nublar, as the characters we picked in a land of who knows what, but i think we were about to find out, the big vibrations of giant feet were responsible. "what's that, i say" t rex, there vibrations can make puddle vibrate". "and you know this how" ellie says "oh right, your the dinosaur ethusiest, you love to learn about them. like we know most about some dinosaurs but more on bones, ian.. or robert, knows about life and some dinosaurs as well and ellie, you know about plants, its special skills". " lets talk more while we...RUUUUUUUUNNNN. we sprint as we hear the t rex emerge from the bushes, and roared its boneshaking roar, and chases us. 

to be continues