happy times

Before the great disasters, the people were happy, the children would play among the tall oak woods, the people would go to work, the elders would watch there grandchildren play in the woods, life was good then. mars was a dull, dusty planet with crowded cities and building of all sorts, it was crowded and load filled with people looking at there phones or on some sort of computer. What happened to the earth people can only keep back in there head, always looking for a distraction, never satisfied, never the same, this new harsh reality was cruel, slow and painful humanity had never survived for this was a whole new reality, a world the no one could touch or feel or know the feeling of happiness, they knew the never should have tried to use their technological beasts to stop global warming, for the disasters they ha created had ruined their perfect little world with all it's little imperfections, that was when the world was happy.